The best Natural Antibiotics: Echinacea, Ginger and more

Natural antibiotics have the great advantage of not only helping prevent and cure a lot of diseases, but they also stimulate the body’s healing powers, helping to strengthen its defense systems, and to optimize its self-healing power.  Natural antibiotics come from the vegetable world, and are found in several plants and foods that we consume in our daily diet.  However, a lot of these antibiotics can be used as medicinal treatments to substitute the aggressive pharmaceutical medications.   If we were to trust in them, we would see truly enormous benefits for our health, as they have a lot of advantages:ECHINACEA: The best Natural Antibiotics

  • They do not irritate or stimulate the body in an aggressive or artificial way, but rather help it to self-balance and self-repair, by itself.
  • They do not have side effects
  • They respect the necessary times for healing, in order to eradicate the disease.
  • They are easy to obtain and their costs are undeniably less expensive that pharmaceuticals.
  • Besides just helping the body heal, they also help keep cells strong and healthy.

Most potent natural antibiotics

Bellow we will provide you with a list of the most potent natural antibiotics, and a few of their primary properties:

ECHINACEA: fights bacteria and fungi, excellent for treating the skin, strengthening the immune system, and fighting colds.

ONION: excellent natural antibiotic, fights infections, bacteria, deeply cleanses the body,annihilates harmful organisms, perfect for fighting respiratory or skin conditions.

LIME: the “green doctor” for its excellence, one of the principal antibiotics in natural medicine, potent bactericide, prevents, protects, and helps speedy recovery from nearly all illnesses.

STRAWBERRY: possesses antiviral properties.  It is also excellent for cleansing the body and keeping it free from toxins and harmful microorganisms.

RADISH: excellent for fighting infections, rich in vitamin C.

GARLIC: with potent antiviral properties and nearly 40 antibacterial components.  It is a disinfectant, microbicide, cleanser, and tones the pituitary gland.

GREEN CHILI PEPPERS: potent for fighting infections, high vitamin C content.

GINGER: distinguished for its antibacterial abilities, but also respects microorganisms that are necessary for good intestinal flora functioning.

THYME: possesses antiviral properties, perfect for treating respiratory illnesses, does not kill bacteria, but prevents it from proliferating.

ROSEMARY: potent antibacterial and antiviral.  Prevents harmful bacteria proliferation.

You can prepare juices with potent antibiotic effects with these foods.  There are also lots of other foods that keep the body cleansed and purified, and that prevent illnesses.  So every time you get sick, do not hesitate to let your body to benefit from the wonders that nature provides.

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