Reduce your measurements with Focused Massages

If you’ve ever heard that one of the benefits of massage could help you eliminate that extra fat, well, you shouldn’t be so doubtful of it.  Do not doubt how effective it is, and get help from a good specialist in your area.

Reduce your measurements with Focused MassagesMassages not only help us reach maximum relaxation, but there are also serious aesthetic and health centers that have discovered that they can also reduce and eliminate localized fat in the body.

How it’s done

This is achieved by use of heat, which is obtained through special movements that directly impact adipose tissue.  It also allows for better re-absorption of fats and calorie consumption.  How does this happen?  Well, the movements intensify the metabolism and circulation.

Key points for Focused Massages

This type of therapy centers its work on areas like the waist, the abdomen, the arms, legs, hips and glutes.  The maneuvers that experts use mobilize toxins and soften fat.  Then it can easily be eliminated and the body becomes toned.


Be that as it may, remember that these types of disciplines need to be complemented by lifestyle and diet.  It won’t do any good for you to spend several days a week at a spa or center that specializes in reduction methods, if you’re eating foods that are high in fats, flour and sugars.  Nor if you don’t practice any sorts of physical activity.

A lot of women have already proven that these massages have shaped their figure, after six or seven sessions, which they have also achieved thanks to a healthy diet, sufficient water consumption, and exercising.


In order to eliminate fat, massage therapy has several stages that need to be performed meticulously.  A lot of these beauty centers start treatment by applying exfoliating creams that also activate lymphatic circulation.

Then comes the reduction massage, using massage techniques that alternate between greater and lesser amounts of pressure.  This is used to fight fat accumulation and cellulite.  Creams and lotions are applied with this movement, which are made with seaweed or other components, like clay or centella asiatica.

Depending on the session rhythm, the specialist may pinch your skin and use strong friction.  Some also use other tools that create ultrasound waves to soften fat.

Some others also cover the skin with aluminum foil or other utensils.

Empty stomach

These massages should be done on an empty stomach.  If you ate heavy food, it’s best to wait approximately two hours.

You already know that if you want to lose a few inches, this new massage therapy can help you.  It’s users are experiencing very good results.  However, do not confuse losing inches with losing weight.

If you want to lose extra weight, it would be a good idea to start a good exercise routine, as well as eating foods rich in water and fiber.


If you want even better results, drink linseed or green or red tea infusions between meals.

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