Mesotherapy: an aesthetic medicine alternative

Michel Pistor in the inventor of mesotherapy, a classic aesthetic treatment.  The technique involves treating affected areas with micro-injections containing minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other homeopathic medicines.  The name mesotherapy is derived from the layer of skin that the medicines are injected into.  This therapy has been recognized by the French Medical Academy as part of traditional medicine.

Mesotherapy: Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skinMesotherapy began being used in 1952 and has been adapted to several new application techniques since.  At first, the technique was rather painful, as the session involved puncturing the skin with needles.  Today, however, thanks to technological advances, it is now a very simple and effective treatment that doesn’t require needles.  It’s widely used by doctors and specialist therapists around the world.  This health and beauty alternative is used for several reasons, among which are weight loss, cellulitis elimination and control, hair loss, treatment of scars and wrinkles, etc.  This therapy can also be used to treat problems caused by liposuction.  It very effectively treats sharp and chronic pains related to sports injuries.

Mesotherapy is currently used in partnership with advanced technology.  The subdermal treatment (also known as LPG) is one of the best options today for treating cellulitis, varicose veins, facial treatments, aesthetic surgery, etc.  The skin and subcutaneous tissues are massaged with new technological equipment to treat what’s known as “orange peel skin”, to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic drainage system, which reduces water retention.  This new technique shapes the body, reducing the largest volume areas and giving it a nice, harmonious silhouette.  It’s also extremely effective in exfoliating the skin and giving it back a look of youthful brilliance.  

Mesotherapy is also used for:

  • Activates circulation in local areas
  • Improved tissue oxygenation
  • Tissue firming
  • Cellulitis removal
  • Body shaping
  • Wrinkle and scar treatment
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Aesthetic surgery


The medicines are administered to the most superficial layer of skin, barely even reaching a few millimeters deep.  This is done in combination with deeper injections that reach cellular tissue.  The medication is then absorbed through the blood and lymphatic system.

If you have decided to try this alternative, be sure to see a professional, as you may find several imitators and unprofessional people.  Make sure to inform yourself about the clinic you choose to use.  Because this method is very easily applied, what you really need to focus on is the technology and quality of amino acids, vitamins, and substances being used.  

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