Facial Massage: Power to Prevent Wrinkles

We all want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible.  But beauty doesn’t just imply the desire to be skinny and trim.  It also means enjoying fresh, wrinkle-free skin and face.

Facial Massage: Power to Prevent WrinklesFor this, facial massage is the perfect ally.  Just drinking water, using creams and facial cleansers will not help you with this objective.

The main spas and aesthetic centers agree today on the importance of massage for facial health, which is why they have a staff of specialists.

30 years of age, a crucial point

After 30 years of age, women – also men that like to take care of their appearance – could notice their skin start to lose elasticity and they can even see fat accumulating under their chin.  This also happens on the cheekbones, almost as if they were swollen.

This is due to lack of facial exercise or a specific routine to strengthen skin and prevent flaccidity.  Soon the first signs of wrinkles and expressions lines will appear as well.

See an expert

Remember that if your skin does not undergo gently and firm massage treatments, it will lose collagen.  Then, for example, one experiences those famous crow’s feet.

It’s best to go to a beauty or aesthetic spa where they know how to solve or slowly attenuate these unsightly expression lines.

You should, however, work on it yourself from your home.  You won’t have rapid results, but your skin will get used to the massage action or facial gymnastics.

How to start facial massages

Before any facial massage, you should wash your face and neck very well with a cream.  Use whichever one you prefer.  If you want to, add a few drops of rose hip, almond or wheat germ essential oil.

This will keep your skin less rigid so you can perform the movements.

Don’t forget that you need to also “massage” your neckline area.  Movements should be made in an upward motion with open hands.

For your face, especially the cheeks, facial massages should be done with your fingers spread towards your temples.  Add a few small taps with your fingertips, and/or small pinches.

Each part is different

Each area of the face needs to have a different massage, which is why a specialist will know what type of pressure, pinch or massage to exert.  For example, a forehead massage should start over the nose, pressing on the “third eye”, then with both hands, move upwards.


Facial gestures are a few other exercises that should be put into practice in order to get a firmer, more rejuvenated skin.  What does it imply?  It consists of repeating exaggerated vocal diction five times in a row, opening and closing your mouth and eyes, as well as the neck muscles.

Open your mouth

Keep your mouth open for five seconds, it’s another way of facing the passage of time and strengthening your facial muscles.  Completely open your mouth, as if you were yawning, and count to five.  Repeat a total of five times.

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