Using Ice for Facial Rejuvenation

Your daily routine, stress, staying up late, fatigue, or other beauty processes could irritate, inflame, and age your face and other areas of the body.  We come with good news, however, for fighting this problem using not only natural or homemade creams, but also using ice to rejuvenate your face.
Using Ice for Facial Rejuvenation

Ice is a wonderful ally for rejuvenating the face

Ice is not only refreshing, but it is also a great friend for facial skin care.  Start by cleaning your face with your favorite soap, and remember that it is best to choose something gentle, like glycerin.  Then place the ice in a plastic bag and wrap in a thin towel, creating a compress.

It gives you back your glow

Rub the ice over your whole body, or simply on a targeted area.  Do this for at least 15 minutes.  You will notice that your skin immediately tightens up because of the locally applied cold, which has a firming effect, bringing back your glow.

Placing this compress on your skin will help improve circulation, reduces wrinkles, alleviates pain and redness caused by acne, and reduces dark circles under the eyes as well as swelling.

Perfect makeup

Applying rejuvenating ice to your face before putting on your makeup will also help it adhere to your skin better.  The ice will also close your pores, it blocks skin oils, thereby creating a finer texture for your skin and reducing the amount of sebaceous secretions on the face.  This will help your makeup last even longer.

Before shaving

It’s also a good idea to take a cold shower or apply ice to the area before shaving.  This will calm skin irritation and will also close your pores, making your skin look fresh.

Ice calms acne-prone skin

Pimples definitely get in the way of a beautiful face.  They also represent a health risk for your skin.  Holding ice over a pimple is an easy way to relieve the discomfort and redness that is so typical of this type of skin condition.  It also reduces inflammation and pain.  The best way to make this “compress” is to place ice in a plastic bag (if a towel is rough it could scratch and damage your skin), and hold it over the affected area for five or ten minutes.

Ice lightens dark circles

If you’ve had a hard night of work and you wake up with a tired face, wrap an ice cube in a towel and hold it over your eyes to reduce swelling.  For an even greater effect, freeze black, caffeinated tea or add ice on top of cucumber slices, and place them on your eyes.

Other physical benefits of ice

A lot of people relate weight loss with heat-producing activities, by exercising, getting reductive massages, applying hot bandages and going to saunas.  It would almost seem impossible that applying ice could reduce body size, but it is possible.

This is a revolutionary technique called ice therapy.  It was created in Mexico, where it has been used for more than 15 years.  It consists of firming the skin and losing a moderate amount of weight by applying ice to the body.  It also helps detoxify the body and acts as a skin lift.  It might be horribly uncomfortable, but for some women, it is definitely worth it.


This completely natural treatment is focused on women that have recently given birth, or that want to reduce a few pounds without taking medication.  Individuals that have droopy muscles and big bellies can also benefit from it.

This is an innovating massage technique that lets you do away with hours at the gym and hard efforts.  Resistance to cold is the only condition necessary to leave the body in shape.  Ice therapy has several benefits, including body fat elimination (when accompanied by an exfoliating therapy) and cellulite reduction.

Immediate effects

According to people that have used this treatment, results are noticeable after the first application.  This is because the frozen lotion, a combination of more than 100 medicinal plants, increases the ability to absorb fats and stimulate the production of young cells.  It’s best to go to a health center or an aesthetics specialist.

And just like everything else, anything in excess is bad.  Using too much ice could also be counterproductive.  Extreme cold could create skin redness, so you should never use either too much heat, or too much cold.

Remember that your health and your beauty is in your hands.  If you subject yourself to a beauty therapy, get a consultation first, and do not go overboard with it.  You don’t want to cause yourself any harm, rather than getting positive results.

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