Give yourself a Chinese massage this summer!

The point of vacations can vary from person to person: there are those in search of fun, entertainment, relaxation, parties, culture, etc.  But without a doubt, whatever you do or wherever you decide to go this summer – even if you decide to stay at home – don’t forget to give yourself a massage, wherever you go.  We especially recommend trying a Chinese massage this time.
Chinese massage

Chinese Massage

Massages are always welcomed by the body: they relax it, are beneficial for the cardiovascular system, purify the skin, help eliminate excess fat and tone the muscles.  They also balance mind and body, among other things.  A good rubbing with the hands works true miracles!  And besides…who doesn’t like to get delightful massages?

So if you’re on board, we have some advice here to help you get the most benefit and pleasure from your massage:

  1. For a good massage, you first need a basic understanding.  You have to be a little careful when choosing a masseuse.  There are some people that have little training and that promote drastic changes with their massage.  We recommend that you always go someplace with professionals that use special oils and cream to promote sweating and toxin elimination.
  2. You might already know that several types of massage exist: those for weight loss, cellulitis treatment, relaxation, therapeutic, etc.  There are lymphatic massages, reflexology (a healing massage performed on the feet), aesthetic massage (to tone and exfoliate the skin), Chinese massage, etc.
  3. We recommend you try Chinese massage, which applies pressure to specific points in the body that activate energy.  It is almost like acupuncture, only instead of needles, they use pressure only.  This type of massage can be done with varying intensities, and provides muscular relaxation while being very beneficial to the body.  This massage is used in combination with herbs, and is recommended to treat physical discomforts, organic dysfunctions and injuries, while also revitalizing the body and emphasizing your beauty.  It helps diminish expression lines on the face, along with special herbal creams.  However, avoid getting this massage if you’ve recently suffered a burn, bone fracture, infections, high risk pregnancy or schizophrenia.

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