What are you really drinking in that soda?

Sodas are beverages prepared by chemical processes and contain more than 90% refined sugars, flavoring, and artificial coloring.  The rest is made up of caramel, caffeine, sugar, plus a long list of additives and preservatives derived from asphalt.  It has a base composition of carbonic acid, erythorbic acid, and the following components described below:Soft drinks

Malic and citric acid:

These acids would have positive effects on the body, however they’re lost as soon as the acids are processed.

Phosphoric acid:

This acid is highly corrosive and not only attacks the teeth, but also directly effects the liver, weakens the immune system, and creates a laundry list of digestive and intestinal problems.  Asphalt has also now been proven to be a carcinogen.  The high levels of sugar contained in soda also cause addiction, and beyond rotting your teeth, creating hormonal imbalances, affecting the endocrine system, stealing calcium from the body and thus weakening the bones, it is also harmful to the body’s nervous system.  The high levels of sugar found in sodas affect the entire body and is the primary cause of numerous allergies and a shortage of minerals in the body.

What’s worse is that we are now becoming accustomed to drinking them with meals, which, when churned with food evokes a quick fermentation of the food consumed, in turn producing acetic acid and alcohol.  Even though you may not have consumed a single ounce of alcohol, this process severely attacks the liver as if you had been constantly drinking alcoholic beverages.  Aside from all of this, sodas are the principal cause of obesity and the destruction and aging of our entire nervous system.

All of this negative information regarding sodas comes from the fact that they are consumed in excess, and we even give them to our children.  Advertising makes us believe that if we don’t drink soda we’re not “cool”, they make us believe that there’s nothing bad about it, “what’s so bad about a little soda”?  And if someone gives us real information about soda, some people say “well…I’ve got to die from something”.  But keep in mind that while huge industries become more and more rich by their earnings, our health slowly deteriorates.  Rather than drinking soda, one should always opt for natural fruit juice – or even better – fresh water.  Eliminating soda from our diets could be, for many people, extremely challenging; as said before, it contains addictive elements.  But life should continue down the path of love for oneself, which is truly a motivating realization.

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