Properties and uses of Jasmine Essential Oil

Let me introduce you the Jasmine Essential Oil. Of all the flowers, the sweet perfume of jasmine is one of the most intense, exquisite, and seductive of all.  Its essential oil is one of the most appreciated and attractive aromatic ingredients around.  Jasmine is considered to be a yang (masculine) plant in China.  It comes from a flowering bush, frequently a climbing bush (if trained to wires or branches), that generally lives in tropical and temperate climates, with lots of humidity.  There are around 20 types of different kinds of jasmine.  Its breathtaking bouquets of white and light brown flowers blooms in summer, and can be used to create bouquets, large balls of jasmine flower that are quite common in the city of Malaga and Costa del Sol, in Spain.
Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine essential oil

One of aromatherapy’s most popular oils is extracted from this elegant flower, which possesses interesting properties both for health and beauty, and emotional harmony.  Essential oils carry several benefits; they help with various conditions by stimulating the hypothalamus through the olfactory sense, whereby the odoriferous molecules unleash very beneficial and healthy stimulants for the body.  This is the very base of aromatherapy, which helps heal the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of people through plant and flower aroma.

Properties Jasmine essential oil:

  • Stimulant
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Bactericide
  • An excellent aphrodisiac
  • Emotions: very useful for lifting the spirits, with antidepressant properties.  Relaxes and frees stress, helps liberate repressed emotions, and helps raise self-esteem.  Creates a sense of peace and well-being, calms anxiety.
  • Beauty: this oil possesses astringent properties, which is why it is used in skin creams, oils, and ointments.
  • Warming and relaxing effect, this fragrance lifts moods, and is very useful for creating meditation or creative visualization atmospheres.
  • Good for massage oils, relaxes muscles and alleviates muscular pain and spasms.

How to use:

Jasmine oil can be used in an aromatic bath, in a difusser, or can be inhaled on a towel with a few drops on it.  You never will have to apply the oil directly to your skin, as all oils are concentrated substances that need to be diluted in order to be used.  This oil is also used to make incense, perfumes, creams, and very effective oils for the skin.  It is not recommended for use during the first few months of pregnancy.

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