Properties of Camphor Oil

The Camphor oil came from a three named Camphor (cinnamomum camphora), with a penetrating acrid smell, in the Lauraceae family.  Large in size, it can reach up to 30 meters in height, with abundant branches and perennial leaves, white flowers that spread throughout in clusters, and bright red berries.  Oil is distilled from its leaves, bark, wood, and roots, that has very beneficial properties for health, as well as for cosmetics and psychology.
Properties of Camphor Oil

The amazing properties of Camphor Oil

  • Regulates the sebaceous secretion, which is used in shampoos and soaps to treat greasy hair.
  • Possesses powerful stimulant properties, helps fight depression and lethargy.
  • Has decongestant properties, which are used in aromatherapy for colds.
  • Tones.
  • Anti-spasmodic.
  • A good analgesic.
  • Stimulates circulation.
  • Anti-diarrheal.
  • Bactericide.
  • Purifies environments.  Used in incense to freshen the air in bathrooms or areas where bad odors are concentrated.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Antiviral: useful for treating the respiratory tract, the flu, and colds.
  • Can be used as a balm.
  • Balances the spirit and refreshes moods.
  • Aphrodisiac.  Provides energy and heat.

Some suggestions for use Camphor Oil:

DECONGESTANT: You can add a few drops to a kerchief and inhale the aroma if you are sick with the flu, a cold, or some other respiratory condition.  It is also useful when used in a diffuser, in the room of whoever is ill.

CHILDREN: bathing children in a tub with a few drops of this oil helps relax them, and oxygenates their bodies.  Only use this is children from age 3 and up.  Use 10 drops (for adults, the recommended dose is 15 to 20 drops).  You should always try to dilute the essential oil in some type of gel of bath shampoo before adding it to the tub.  The tub should be at a temperature of 33 to 38 degrees Celsius.  The bath should not last longer than 10 minutes.

COSMETICS: You can use it in soaps, perfumes, shampoos, and more.


Avoid use during pregnancy, and for people who suffer from epilepsy.  You should never ingest essential oil.  Do not exceed the recommended dose, and it is not advisable to use it every day while bathing.

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