Hand Crafted Soaps: the natural difference

There are countless product that exist today for health and beauty, and among them stand out soaps.  Soaps are a practically indispensable element of personal hygiene.  There are several types of soaps on the market today, however, a lot of them contain irritating ingredients and/or strong detergents that affect the skin, and that can cause an endless list of unpleasant reactions.  These types of soaps are often cheaper because they are elaborated with chemical products and synthetic coloring and perfumes.  These neither help nor boost health and beauty, but do quite the opposite.Hand Crafted Soaps: the natural difference

Without a doubt, the best soaps around are hand crafted soaps.  They are based on natural products that do not contain chemical compounds, but rather, herbal extracts, essential oils, vegetable and animal fats, natural fruit essences, floral essences, etc.  All of these ingredients give the final product different properties that are relaxing, stimulating, astringent, antiseptic, cleansing, exfoliating, regenerative, etc., depending on which essential oil was used to make it.

Benefits of artisanal soaps

  • Help retain the skin’s natural oils
  • Help repair the skin while keeping it healthy
  • Deeply hydrate
  • Make the skin smooth and elastic
  • Antioxidants and good tonics
  • Deeply clean, without drying the skin out
  • Prepared with aromas and essential oils that, when they are good quality, stimulate the senses.  They can also be stimulating, relaxing, anti-depressive, fungicides, antiseptic, cleansing, etc.
  • Some have the ability to stimulate cellular regeneration

Hand Crafted Soaps and their properties for health and beauty

Aloe soap: re-hydrates, smooths, regenerates, cleans, and protects the skin.  It is extraordinary for curing skin infections, helps remove pimples, blackheads, excess oil, rashes, etc.  Very effective at treating acne.

Snail soap: this soap if perfect for oily skin or skin with acne.  It regulates and maintains the skin’s natural fatty acid balance, and moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily.

Oatmeal soap: exfoliating, has softening and cleansing properties.  Recommended for delicate skin types.

Citrus-based soaps (with lemon, neroli, orange, etc., essential oil): recommended for oily skin types.  Hydrates and refreshes.

Rose hip soap: this soap’s properties are recommended to help heal wounds on the face, as well as smoothing, moisturizing, and regenerating tissues.  Cleanses and repairs skin.

Calendula soap: the recommended soaps for dry skin.  Smooths and hydrates.

In today’s market there are endless amounts of hand-crafted soaps with very diverse properties and applications for health and beauty.  You can choose whichever is best for you.  If you are going to purchase one, always make sure that the soap contains high-quality ingredients.

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