Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils are great for a couple. Sexual appetite might be just as mysterious as the entire universe.  Awakening it depends on several factors, however, natural essential oils can help us to create a truly delicious and stimulating environment.  This can help us foster closeness to our partner.
Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Aphrodisiac smells

Smells are associated in our mind to a lot of reactions and sensations, which is why aromatherapy (along with other things) is used to create physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional effects.  Bellow we will provide you with a few aphrodisiac essential oils, which will help you create an atmosphere that invites closeness and pleasure.

  • Jasmine: this fragrance is delicious, and is known as the “king” of aphrodisiac oils.  Its effects have been known since the times of the maharajas and the sultans in the East.  In India, jasmine is known as the “queen of the night”.  Women frequently pin this exquisite flower in their hair with the intent of seducing their lovers.  Jasmine wreaths are made for weddings, for its exquisite and romantic aroma.
  • Ginger: this strong and penetrating smell has powerfully stimulating effects.  Its properties are even further accentuated if mixed with cinnamon oil.
  • Rose: this flower has a seductive and delicious perfume.  and lots of women have used rose petals to benefit from its properties.  This pure oil is difficult to obtain, but it truthfully, is worth it.
  • Vanilla: this has a sweet and stimulating aroma.  This oil is considered worthy of the Goddesses for its aphrodisiac strength.  Its efficacy has been proven in laboratories.
  • Cloves: this oil is one of the best aphrodisiacs, but don’t use too much because it smells very strong.

How to use aphrodisiac essential oils

Add a few drops to the tub.  It is best to previously dissolve them in a bit of oil.  Candles and incense in these aromas are also very romantic, although you should make sure that the candles and incense are of good quality because if not, they won’t produce the desired effects.  You can dissolve a few drops of any of these oils in cream or special massage oil to give a good massage.  Never apply an oil directly to the skin, you should always only do so after having first diluted them.

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