Aromatherapy: the perfect compliment to health

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants, which have a natural and special chemical composition that, by use of a special technique, can be used to cure illnesses and to recover mental and emotional balance.Aromatherapy

A little bit of history

This is not a new therapy.  Since ancient times man has searched for resources to maintain and recuperate health.  In ancient times there was no technology or sophisticated medicines.  There also were no doctors that specialized in certain diseases, so people always turned to exploring nature, and carefully observed the effects that plants and flowers had on their bodies.  Man carefully explored fruits, roots, flowers, seed, and leaves – even though when at first they had no idea – and through trial and error, man became an expert in the art. Man discovered, among other things, the healing power that fragrances carry, and the powerful influence they have on our state of being.  This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, being more refined over time until becoming, today, one of the friendliest and efficient therapies around.

What is aromatherapy all about?

Aromatherapy consists of employing or using the essences of plants, each one with a characteristic smell, and destined for different purposes or illnesses.  They are used in several different therapies in natural clinics and spas:

Massage:  Oils, having been previously prepared by experts, are used in body massages so the patient breathes the essential fragrances deeply.  The skin benefits from the oil’s properties while the body benefits from the massage.

Baths: Oils are diluted in hot water.  Just like in massage, the oils in the bath penetrate the small capillaries, and are transported throughout the entire body through the blood stream, taking place in only 20 minutes.

Diffusion: The essential oil is placed in a diffuser so the fragrance fills the whole room.

(You can find a dosage chart by searching for aromatherapy dosage on the internet).

How can aromatherapy help us?

  • Counteracting insomnia
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Relaxing and alleviating pains
  • Good moods
  • Stimulating sexual pleasure
  • Creating a harmonious environment
  • Avoiding or fighting depression
  • Increasing immunity
  • Correcting chronic stomach conditions
  •  Help fight allergies
  • Decongestant for respiratory tracts and helps breathing
  • Disinfecting rooms where sick people stay


Because essential oils are so concentrated, they cannot be applied directly to the skin you must dilute them in water, creams, oils, etc.  You also have to be careful when pregnant or breastfeeding.  We recommend consulting a good therapist specialized in this branch of medicine that can help you benefit most from aromatherapy.

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