Special breast care during pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a time of great pleasure, and few worries.  That’s why you shouldn’t have to worry or be anxious about your figure, especially about your breasts.  You will loose neither shape nor natural firmness if you follow this advice.

baby breastfeedingRemember that this times brings many changes.  You will experience great hormonal changes, and physical changes are inevitable.  Your body possesses, however, to recover its natural figure, and you’ll have to help provide it with the necessary elements to do so.  Try to get enough rest, and the necessary medical attention during this time.  Give yourself time to coddle yourself a little, and think about these health and beauty secrets:

  • Find a bra that supports your breasts very well, but make sure it’s not too tight.  Try to find one that is made from natural fibers, like cotton.  As your breasts grow, swap your bra out for the next size.  It’s also recommended to take your bra off while you sleep.
  • Frequently apply natural vegetable oils, preferably the ones that are mentioned below, which are indicated to lubricate and to prevent stretch marks.
  • Breastfeeding: If you are already breastfeeding, find a bra made especially for this time, and continue hydrating your breasts, and keeping an eye on your diet (take a look at the table below).  Do not apply oil to the nipples before feeding your child, unless you have consulted this with your pediatrician.  Each time you feed your child, wash your nipples with mineral water and apply oil to them, which should have been previously consented by your doctor.
  • Sage or tepezcohuite are very effective in preventing stretch marks, used either in a cream or a salve.

Lubricating oils for the breasts during pregnancy

Vegetable oils are generally highly nutritious and penetrate the skin well.  This helps soften it and once again make it flexible and healthy.  We recommend the following oils during pregnancy.  You can give yourself a rich breast massage with these oils or add them to your bath water.

  • Wheat-germ oil: with smoothing and nourishing properties that penetrate the skin well, this helps smooth the skin, and to make it more flexible and healthy.  It protects against dryness, especially in dehydrated and damaged skin, and for pregnant women.
  • Olive oil: rich in vitamin E, this oil contains highly restorative, regenerative, and emollient properties that take effect on the skin.
  • Avocado oil: fortifies, protects, hydrates, and penetrates the skin very well.  Protects against changes, and increases elasticity.  It is highly recommended for chapped skin, for preventing stretch marks, dryness, or damage to the skin.

Diet for healthy breasts during pregnancy

It is absolutely necessary that you take care in your food choices during this time as your baby will demand a large amount of nutrients.  Your body will always give preference to the baby, which is why you must follow the most effective diet possible, so your skin never suffers from any nutritional deficiency, and to avoid stretch marks and flaccidity as much as possible in the skin.

Foods you should not go without that will keep your breast tissue healthy and firm:

  • Fatty fish and primrose and borage oils.  These are rich in essential fatty acids that hydrate the skin from the inside out.  Other foods: carrots, fresh orange-colored fruits and vegetables, avocado, wheat-germ (unprocessed), whole grain rice, corn (unprocessed), extra-virgin olive or sesame oil, almonds, alfalfa tablets, parsley, beer or celery yeast, thyme, plums, walnuts, strawberries, rice flour, tomatoes, coconut, and raw egg yolk.  Each one of these foods are rich in silicon, and indispensable mineral to health and beauty of the skin and the ligaments.

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