Natural drugs for happiness

When someone says the word “drug”, we typically associate it with marijuana, opium, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, etc., especially if this drug promises to make us feel good, or promotes euphoric states of being.

Fotolia_3292902_XSHowever, the next time you want to feel alive or full of vitality and ecstasy, remember that the brain is capable of producing even more powerful drugs than any that you could buy on the streets.

The brain is made up of astounding chemistry, capable of producing chemicals that raise a persons self-esteem, causes them to feel a sense of euphoria, feeling animated, happy, vibrant, without needing to smoke, or drink, or inject “something”.

You will find, in the following list, a few drugs that the brain produces which are related to the same effects that external drugs produce.

OXYTOCIN: this hormone stimulates sexuality, capable of creating happiness and euphoria within the individual.

DOPAMINE: responsible for creativity and fantasy.  Eliminates boundaries between genius and madness.  Creates the possibility of harmonious and refined movements, and stimulates and accelerates intelligence and comprehensive action.  This is the drug of artists, musicians, painters, dancers, etc.

ENDORPHINS: this drug acts as an analgesic for pain; an elixir for optimism and happiness, which provokes feelings of satisfaction and gratitude within an individual.

SEROTONIN: this hormone is in charge of internal balance and tranquility.  It is the elixir for hope, faith, and expecting grandiose things.  It provokes motivation, optimism, and values; however, this hormone can also cause effects opposite to those mentioned.

PINEAL GLAND HORMONES: influences moods and initiative.  Promotes states of leaderships and the ambition towards growth, in all senses.

How to stimulate these drugs in the brain

The answer is very simple: with focused thinking equivalent to the emotions that you want to produce.  For example, if you want to be happy, you must be strong enough to have thoughts fully concentrated on this attitude.  Little by little your brain will begin to generate the necessary chemical, to create this drug.

Happiness, and emotional state of plenitude, pleasure, and liberty are not vague or fleeting.  These are the consequence of correct flow of chemical substances that provide physical and mental balance in human beings.

The stronger of mind you are, the less external substances you will need to be happy, to cure yourself, to relieve pain, and to fulfill yourself in all senses.

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