Natural aphrodisiacs in Food, Fruit and Vegetables

The word aphrodisiac is a noun used to describe certain substances the possess the ability to stimulate, or increase, sexual appetite.  The word comes from the female Greek deity Aphrodite, son of Uranus.  Kronos had ripped out his genitals, and they fell into the ocean, whereby the goddess of erotic love was conceived.

Natural aphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs are related to love, fertility, and energy.  Since antiquity, certain plants, flowers, whose natural form mirrored sexual organs, were said to stimulate sexual appetite.  Phallic symbols can also be found in fruits and vegetables, like bananas, cucumber, sweet potatoes, or asparagus, along with vaginal symbols, like oysters or clams.  Fruit anatomy, like pears, papaya, avocado, etc., are also associated with the outline of sexual organs.

Natural aphrodisiacs in food

The art of seduction is said to begin in the kitchen.  Experts in the field know well that the secret of a meal seduces each one of the senses, and lies in the energy embedded into the food.

Another secret that makes food seductive is, as some of us know, aphrodisiac herbs, like nettle, celery, basil, ginseng, cinnamon, chocolate, and even garlic.  The art of cooking with aphrodisiacs as a means to seduction is nothing new, of course.

Aphrodisiac fruits and vegetables:

Celery is one of the best known aphrodisiac plants.  It contains large amounts of pheromones, a naturally aphrodisiac substance.  Add raw celery with a bit of beetroot to soups or salads; it could be the beginning of an introduction to pleasure.

Ginseng is a medicinal, aphrodisiac plant, which increases energy and vitalizes sexual desires.  Be careful when you buy this plant, however, because they are not always high quality.

Basil is an aphrodisiac plant with a lot of tradition.  In ancient times, it was consecrated to Venus, and in India, to Vishnu.

Borojo is an aphrodisiac fruit from northern South America, which has highly valuable amino acids, and is quite often used in revitalizing concoctions.

Chocolate: the Aztecs used chocolate to stimulate and increase their sexual appetite and satisfaction.  Chocolate possesses properties that stimulate endorphins and enliven sensuality.  Chocolate truffles, for example, are extremely aphrodisiac.

Carqueja: a wild medicinal plant which, among its other qualities, produces the same effects as viagra (masculine sexual stimulant), and is less risky than this medication.

Pistachios: this extremely rich seed is frequently used as an appetizer or aperitif, and has extremely aphrodisiac properties.

Male and female stimulation

There are several ways to stimulate males or females.  Both vaginal wetness, and an erection, are necessary to completely enjoy the act of sex.  Giving a massage, for example, with erotic essential oils like cinnamon, nettle, basil, etc., can be extremely effective.   it can be highly pleasurable if the massage is slow, unworried, and if whoever gives the massages moves their hands along every inch of the body.  There are some interesting options to stimulate masculine sexual appetite, like preparing a ripened mint infusion with pepper.  For impotence or lack of sexual desire, the wisdom and knowledge of plants recommends using an infusion with a bit of honey-sweetened nettle.

Finally, remember that one of the primary erogenous organs is the brain.  This is where all of our sexual stimulation comes from, and where pleasure is born.  So if you want a truly powerful aphrodisic, don’t forget to also get to know your partner, little by little.  Learn what excites them, or what doesn’t excited them.  Learn to read their silent messages of what doesn’t stimulate them, or just ask them openly what they like, or if they want anything in particular.  Be patient, and play the game of conquering.  Learn to be creative enough to awaken your partners erotic fantasies, and not with insincere or cliche phrases, or by saying things you don’t really mean.  Be spontaneous and sincere.  Never forget that the art of pleasure and its sweetest honey, is gained through learning. 

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