Reiki: freedom for your emotions

Reiki is a luminous energy, active in all levels of the body from the emotional, to the mental and physical.  Through a special treatment comprised to strategic hand placement on the body, this light energy flows through the palms for a specific amount of time, detoxifying, cleansing, purifying, stabilizing, unblocking, and relaxing the being on all levels.  With reiki treatment, a beautiful and delicious relaxation spreads over the entire body, a many of the sessions are performed with gentle music, allowing the patient to relax and for the healing energy to affect the body.

Manos ofreciendoIt is normal for someone to begin having several new experiences in life after repeating reiki sessions.  Since this is an energy force that, above all, affects the emotional plane by unblocking stored and repressed emotions that have been obstacles for the free and harmonious flow of vital energy throughout the body, reiki begins pushing out all those trapped emotions, like anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, etc.

Cleansing with Reiki

It’s like when we decide to finally clean out that closet that’s been storing stuff for quite some time; we turn around and all of a sudden see a huge pile of things we don’t even use anymore, junk, old clothes, etc.  Reiki’s job is to purify and clean energy, and it is therefore very normal that after a few sessions – or even after the first – we begin to feel strange.  We want to cry, or we feel irritable.  What is happening is that in that “emotional closet” all those “old” energies have finally come out.  All those energies that we kept around but that didn’t serve us, simply “taking up space” in our lives without serving a purpose.

However, just as each “stored” emotion wants to tell us something, teach us a lesson, many reiki sessions are accompanied by some type of spiritual philosophy to help with emotional management.  In this way, the patient can have some kind of objective and broad understanding of why they feel the way they do, and why it’s so hard to free their emotions.


The understanding of the mental-emotional causes of our annoyances, our uneasiness, and our sicknesses provides us with a wider understanding of who we are, why we get sick, and why we suffer from dis-ease.  Reiki helps us live a more pleasurable and confident life.  Even though this may not always be instantaneous, a lot of things require time to begin to understand and arrive at freedom.  With reiki, our ability to focus grows, we become more conscious, more sensitive, more aware, and above all, it helps us dissolve those rigid mental structures.

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