Addictions, Pleasure and Emotional freedom (part 2)

Addictions are one of the most severe responses the brain has to resolve and balance the constant message of pain sent by someone.  This sent pain can be conscious, or this person may have closed themselves off from deep pain and feelings of lacking because they never knew how to confront or manage them.

Yin-Yang: AddictionsFrequently there can be a lot of anger or resentment toward external situations and experiences that deeply affected and corrupted a person’s sweetness.  These events, when severely confronted by the individual, cause a strong need to run and withdraw from the emotional world.  This causes a deep pain and a lack of pleasure.  If this lack of pleasure is not understood nor resolved by the individual, begins to have certain effects.  The brain stops producing certain secretions related to pleasure, which play an intimate role in the health and well-being of the individual.

Emotional education

I would like to point out that today, more than ever, we have a vitally important need to educate about feelings, emotions and attitudes within the human being.  If there are indeed effects that provoke several life experiences and that “mark” and individual with pains and lacking that often times seems irreversible, we need to begin educating those small children and youth, that will become our new educators and creators of the future.

This era seems to be the beginning of a bridge between man’s new creativity and intelligence, and the path towards the creation of a more open and conscious place.  This begins with emotional education.  This is the platform for true human transcendence.  Education is then no longer mere information, but broadens into an understand of life, allowing youth and all humans to form superior values.  Knowing how to live oriented towards joy and deep happiness (not fleeting happiness), is how independent, intelligent and creating beings are made.

Beauty is the most sublime stimulant and pleasure around.  Plato once said “sculpt the psyche and create your own face”, referencing the importance of developing a love for superior values such as beauty, and then to build a life with them.  Human beings have no need, in any way, of consuming any type of stimulant, nor drug, nor pharmaceutical product, because the human body possess an extraordinary chemical to generate these substances.  But by no longer believing in the body, we distances ourselves from this most intimate wonder.  This happens when one does not know how to handle emotions.

This lack of contact with our bodies and what we feel has complicated and deadened the body’s power.  And the more we deaden our bodily powers, the more we need pharmaceuticals, stimulants, and all types of addictive substances (including foods such as white sugar) and drugs.

To teach living with deep pleasure is a truly arduous task.  But it is the only way to give ourselves the pleasure of having power over circumstances and our lives.  Searching for therapies to helps us in this process, and teaching children and youth the responsibility to their emotions before responsibility to a house or a life, is to open ourselves to new possibilities and natural alternatives.  There are so many therapies today that now focus of growth and emotional freedom.

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