Ice therapy: reduce, firm, and highlight

Whenever we want to burn calories, a lot of us associate weight loss and excess fat burning with the heat: sweating, saunas, wraps, exercises, etc.  Applying ice to specific zones, however, can be extremely effective in reducing size, and re-firming and highlighting skin tissues.

Melting Ice CubesHave you ever felt how smooth and firm your skin feels after a cold-water bath?  Or how relaxed you feel after swimming in a pool or a cold-water river?

What is ice therapy?

Ice therapy consists in applying ice over flaccid or overweight areas of the body.  The objective is to re-firm the skin, and moderately thin the body by ice applications.

Benefits of ice therapy

  • Helps detoxify the body.
  • Lifts skin tissues and sagging skin.
  • Firming
  • Vitalizes good circulation when accompanied with exfoliation.
  • Naturally effective technique in reducing size, in few sessions.

How is ice therapy applied?

There are several ways to apply the ice: in a gel bag (or a band) designed especially for treating the eyes (masks), or the abdomen (waist), etc.  The bag freezes and is applied for a designated period of time over the desired area.  This can also be done with a special bag filled with ice cubes (this is more of a home-remedy), or in an ice bath.

The other way of applying this therapy is done in a health or specialized aesthetics center, that specializes in ice therapy.  The products used in these places are mud and ice.  A special mud is generally applied to exfoliate and purify the skin, over the area you wish to thin or highlight.  This could be the thighs, abdomen, face, etc.  Circulation is thus activated, and the skin is prepared so that the ice performs better.  Afterwards, an ice massage will be performed to complete this treatment, which appears to have no side effects.

Who is ice therapy recommended for?

This is especially recommended after birth, since this therapy is perfect for firming tissues.  It can be used on the breasts, also, when they sag and lack firmness.  This is effective in helping them take shape and vitality.  It can also help people who suffer from dark circles under their eyes, droopy skin, flaccid muscles, and a swollen or saggy abdomen.

Some types of ice can be found in stores today, which are mixed with certain herbs and oils designed especially to treating all types of conditions.  You can find anti-stretch mark ice, ice for treating flaccidity, facial ice, etc.


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