Ginseng Properties and Benefits

Ginseng means man in Mandarin (old Chinese).  It’s an aromatic plant with 700 species growing in tropical and subtropical Asia and America.  The plant reaches around 60 cm in height.  The root is the part that is used, which is cultivated from an adult plant (between 4 and 6 years of age).  Ginseng blooms in summer, loosing its leaves in winter.  In Spring the roots sprout again.  This plant survives in the mountainous jungles of China, the Korean peninsula, in Nepal and Siberia.  Today, due to this plant’s great benefits, it is already being cultivated in Asia, Canada, and North America.Ginseng Properties and Benefits

Natural Medicinal Uses of Ginseng

This plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years.  Primarily it is used for prevention and rebuilding for any type of fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, lack of concentration, or nervous condition.  The World Health Organization (OMS) has recognized these uses.  It has other registered medicinal uses which will be mentioned shortly so you may know exactly what this plant is good for, that is considered a panacea – which is to say – a cure-it-all.

Ginseng properties

Used for diabetes

Improves lung function

Stimulates physical performance


Strengthens the body for people who are sick

Liver intoxication

Digestive tract disorders, such as gastritis and ulcers

Liver conditions





Rheumatism, arthritis

Morning sickness

Cardiovascular problems related to high blood pressure

Nervous disorders

Stress and ginseng

A rushed life and tension caused by problems are the main causes of stress, a problem in today’s age that seem to grow more each day.  Stress is a state of tension, of not being relaxed which destroys vitamins and minerals and wears down the body.  It leads to poor hormonal functioning, atrophy of internal secretion glands, gastric ulcers and colitis, it strips the body of vital proteins, and leads to the weakening of cardiovascular functioning.  It converts a jovial and healthy body into a worn down, exhausted and sick body, not to even talk about the premature aging it causes.

Several recent studies show how effective ginseng is on the nervous system.  Ginseng is considered to be capable of stimulating the body’s tolerance of overexertion.  Stress can be caused by environmental factors such as cold or excessive heat, trauma, insomnia, late nights, infections, problems, and worries.  Ginseng, which up until now hasn’t caused any collateral effects, strengthens immune system functioning and has shown antioxidant capabilities.  Ginseng has also shown in many was to effect physical performance.

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