Get up! Fight Fatigue

Easy tips for fighting fatigue. Get up!  There’s still things to do…  How many times do we try to motivate ourselves to do something, but yet don’t have any desire to do so, we’re tired, or just feeling lazy?

The Wheel: Fighting fatigueFatigue is due to several reasons, including dietary deficiencies, primarily of iron and phosphorous.  It’s advisable to include foods that contain these minerals, and also consume lots of vitamins E and C, while increasing protein consumption.  Include goat’s milk in your diet, seafood and soy oil.  Dr. Bernard Jensen also recommends laying on an inclined table so that nutrients circulate favorably throughout the entire body.

Worry and stress

If you truly feel very worn down, it’s necessary to consider your stress and worry levels.  When constantly activated defensively, the nervous system gets worn down, which over times produces fatigue and a type of depression that can be perceived through dreams or depression, or even a sour and irritable mood.  Practice breathing exercises and look over your thoughts every once in a while.  A lot of times our non-positive thoughts put the body under a certain amount of unnecessary worry and stress.  Opt for reading pleasant things, watch TV programs that are enriching rather than those that worry you or make you angry.  Keep positive and confident thoughts, and above all, educate your mind so that you don’t always get pulled into the worst side of things.

General recommendations for figthing Fatigue

Also, try to sunbathe and practice an activity early in the morning that enlivens and stimulates circulation, like a short stroll, swimming, dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

During afternoons, give yourself some time to drink herbal tea that fights fatigue, such as ginseng, pepper, gotu kola or linseed tea.  If you crave a juice for vitality, mix a bit of soy milk with almonds, and a banana or mango together.  Also, avoid consuming white sugar to boost your energy.  White sugar produces an instant boost in energy, but when this is over, the depression becomes worse and you will have irritated our nervous system and other important organs.  Opt for bee’s honey, molasses or unrefined cane sugar.  At night, try to go to bed at the same time and eat an apple, nothing else, without eating a heavy dinner.  This lets the body sleep deeply and recover for the following day.

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