Hair or Scalp Massages: Prevent Hair Loss and Make your Hair Strong and Shiny

Who doesn’t want strong, silky, and healthy hair?  Massages are one of the oldest ways to regain health and beauty.  Not only is it pleasant, but it has truly beneficial effects on the body, like stimulating blood flow to tissues and organs.  Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to repair anything that needs repaired, and also moves toxins or accumulated toxic substances.  It also helps relax muscles, and does so much more.

Hair or Scalp Massages

Even though you may not notice it, we all store a lot of stress in the scalp, which is one of the primary causes of a long list of hair diseases, like alopecia, weakness, sickly hair, split ends, dandruff, etc.

Stored and accumulated stress in the head causes the hair follicle to close, which blocks the hair from sufficient nutrients and oxygen.  If the stress remains, the hair will begin to be strangled, causing it to either deteriorate of fall out.  If this problem is not corrected, the root of the hair will die, preventing the hair from ever coming back again.

Stress can accumulate from daily worries, but always from deep fears, when you constantly get angry, or even from not exercising.  Computer screens and long hours of concentration also influence stress accumulation.

Hair also stores a certain amount of junk and dust that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Often times, simply washing your hair doesn’t remove dead cells, nor accumulated oils, which will clog follicles, causing hair deterioration.

Hair massage helps with all of this.  It removes oil and accumulated dead cells, it activates blood circulation and appropriate nutrient distribution.  If you practice these massages, your hair will look more and more healthy and beautiful each day.

Types of Scalp Massages

  • Fingertip Massage: tilt your head back at night, and using your fingertips, gently rub your head.  Do this for 10 to 15 minutes, covering the nape of your neck and behind your ears very well.
  • Natural Fiber Brush Massage: you should brush your hair with a natural fiber brush every day.  We recommend doing so before showering, then apply cold water.  Afterwards, wash your hair as you normally do.
  • Headstands: if you don’t know how to stand on your head, you should learn to because this is a very healthy position, it strengthens all hair follicles and vigorously distributes nutrients to all of your hair.
  • Massage with special devices: Purchase a special massage device to massage your scalp.  Some vibrate, which not only relaxes the head, but also the body, as this is a very pleasant sensation.
  • Hydromassage: Every once in a while, use a small sleeve to apply pressure, and to rub over your entire head.
  • Lemon infusion massage: prepare a glass of warm water with the juice from half a lemon.  Slowly massage yourself with your fingertips, dipping your fingers in the lemon water.  This remedy not only relaxes the scalp, but it will also fight dandruff and fungi.
  • Massage by pulling your hair: When you’re sitting in front of a screen, or if you feel worn out in the head, grab a handful of hair and pull it in the opposite direction of growth.  Hold for a few seconds.  Take small handfuls of hair randomly, and continue pulling on each one.
  • Tapping massage: Close your fists and gently tap your head, covering the nape of your neck, and finishing with your forehead.

Remember also to follow a healthy diet.  The best foods for hair include avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, fish, parsley, and celery.  Carrot with beet juice and parsley is a wonderful hair elixir.  If you have problems with dry hair, apply an avocado and egg yolk mask to your hair after massaging it.  For dandruff problems, each one clove of raw garlic a day, in the evenings, so that the odor doesn’t bother you.  Don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water a day.

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