How to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily

Losing weight doesn’t have to be an arduous, difficult, or complicated task.  There are a few secrets you can use to lose weight quickly and easily, fast and simple…and even fun!  Do you think it’s impossible?  Well, that might be because you’ve never put this advice into practice before.  You will notice that you will be able to achieve results sooner, without so much effort or sacrifice, which will help motivate you and keep you from abandoning your diet  as so often happens wen you realize you’re not making any progress or it’s hard for you to stop eating.

Lose Weight Quickly and EasilySo let’s get to work.  If you’re planning on losing a few extra pounds…don’t think too much!  We are going to tell you the best-kept secrets to use during this adventure, which will help you not only have a beautiful figure, but a healthier, stronger, and more energetic body.

Choose a diet and stick to it

The first thing you need to do it try to chose a diet according to your possibilities and whatever is comfortable for you.  A lot of times, whenever we want to lose weight, we choose diets that are impossible to follow, and they turn out all too easy to break.  All this does is make you lose motivation, making it harder each time to start a new diet.  You need to assess your diet according to what you think is best for you.

Recommended diet

We recommend trying a canary grass or green tea diet.  If you feel like you can’t stop eating throughout the day, or you’re unmotivated to make the “great efforts” that need to be done, do not choose a demanding diet.  If choosing the canary seed diet, it’s best to begin by drinking two glasses of this seed milk before breakfast.  This drink is excellent for helping burn fat and cleanse the intestines and blood of cholesterol and toxins.  Then, continue eating as you normally do, but drink two or three liters of fresh water a day, so your body is constantly cleansing itself.

If following the green tea diet, all you need to do is drink three glasses of green tea a day.  This diet consists of preparing one glass of green tea before breakfast, and adding to it the juice of two lemons, for one week.  Then, just one lemon.  After drinking the tea with lemon, wait one hour before eating anything so that your body can cleanse itself of harmful fats, toxins, and cholesterol.  When eating, you should not eat anything sweet, neither sugar-sweetened drinks nor fruits.  Eat what you are used to eating and drink warm green tea without sweetening it.  Add half of one squeezed lemon to it.  Do the same at night, but try not to eat after 8 pm.  Drink 2 liters of water or more throughout the day.

Even though you may not believe it, just by doing this you will lose a few pounds in very little time.  If you want to lose more weight, or accelerate the weight loss of even a few more pounds, and if you feel ready and motivated to do something more, all you need to do is avoid all refined sugars, white bread, and all fried and packaged foods.  If you remove these foods from your diet, you will lose 13-15 pounds in much less time than you had imagined!

You could substitute green tea for red tea, which is also an excellent fat burner.  One secret you should keep in mind is that losing weight has more to do with eating foods the eliminate fat and cleanse the body, than not eating fats!  So try to include everything that burns fat and do not forget to drink fresh water because this will help you eliminate fats.

Supplements and complements to lose weight quickly

If in addition to following this diet, you include a few of these supplements, burning fat will be quicker and you will see results sooner, without having to worry about the “rebound”.  These supplements are completely natural and will help deeply cleanse the body and burn fat.

Fat burners (which can be bought in organic food stores) are very useful for these types of diets.  You generally take then after eating so that fats that were consumed can be quickly eliminated.

Linseed, aloe vera juice, taking alfalfa capsules, sprouts, whole grains, garlic, and artichoke are wonderful dietary complements.  If you include them in your daily diet they will give you a weight loss advantage.

Tips during your diet

If you have already started the diet, and quickly broke it, avoid criticizing or reproaching yourself for it.  Just try it again.  It is very important that you become your own best friend and that you once again motivate yourself to lose weight.

If you feel unmotivated, you could practice visualization by closing your eyes and trying to imagine in your mind the image of your slim body, and try to feel how you would feel once you have achieved it.  Try to see yourself happy and feeling fulfilled.  Visualization is very powerful and will help motivate you, but if it doesn’t work for you and you don’t get motivated, then just talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone you love dearly, and tell them to explain to you all the benefits in health, mood, and appearance that you will have when you lose those extra pounds.  Remember that you must always be your primary motor in life, and take yourself where you want to go in spite of everything that might not allow you to advance.  Feel strong and you will be able to achieve anything you endeavor!

One way of making a diet enjoyable and fun is by exercising.  You might have never done an exercise routine and you might feel lazy at first.  But if you start by walking a little bit each morning, or lightly jogging, you will notice that you feel wonderful.  Your body and brain become oxygenated and you will also be helping in weight loss.

Avoid taking weight loss pills or medications to lose weight.  A lot of them do work, but over time they cause a “rebound” or could imbalance normal body functions.  Pills that remove hunger are terrible because this only temporarily solves a problem.  It’s best to let your body respond naturally and to allow it to develop new will and new life habits so that the excess weight truly leaves and does not come back.

Don’t think about your body as an enemy, and don’t reject it when you look at it in teh mirror.  Rejecting your body provokes anxiety, which could unleash more desire to eat more or break your diet.

And if you don’t lose weight?

If you don’t see the results you had wanted with the aforementioned tips, you should not give up or lose motivation.  Remember that every body acts differently, and your body might require a little bit more time for eliminating everything it has accumulated.  You need to keep in mind that if you keep your diet, your body will become slimmer at every moment, so you need to persist until you see it happen.

Keep in mind when you want to lose weight

You should keep in mind that if you are very overweight and you are quickly losing weight with your diet, your body will need you to strengthen your muscles and tissues because if not, they will grow weak and “saggy”, especially in your abdomen and back.

To avoid this, if you have decided to quickly lose weight and you are following your diet to a T, you absolutely must include an abs and lumbar routine in your daily routine so as to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.  This will prevent them from sagging or deforming your body.  Start with a series of 10 or 15 abs and increase the intensity as you feel capable.  The condition is that you must truly feel like you are working the area, or that “your abs hurt” while doing the abs.  This means that the muscle is truly strengthening.

A few exercises that will help shape your body and prevent stretch marks or flaccid tissues are: swimming, yoga, cycling, gymnastics, and dance.

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