Open Pores in the Skin

Having open pores is very common. Pores are tiny orifices that eliminate sweat, among other things.  Whether the skin looks uniform and smooth, or has a porous and uneven surface depends on the size of skin pores.  The size of skin pores in each person is largely determined by heredity, but there are a lot of things that you can do to make your skin look smooth and unwrinkled.
Open Pores in the Skin

Causes of open pores

  • Heredity (Genetics)
  • When the pore fills with oil and sebaceous oils.
  • Pores obstructed by dead cells or toxins.
  • Deficient cellular regeneration and/or continuous and prolonged exposure to sun rays.

As the years go by, if these causes are not properly tended to, it is quite likely that the pore will become more and more dilated, by a cumulative effect.  In some people, they become so dilated around the nose, making it look wider than it normally is.

Remedies for open pores

A lot of things can be done to make pores look smaller, and to prevent them from continuing to grow larger over the years.  Follow these natural remedies verbatim and you will notice the results.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation should be a very basic point in your weekly beauty routine.  Exfoliation will prevent dead cells from accumulating, and will effectively remove them from your skin.  Exfoliation will also help you eliminate toxins and possible impurities stuck in the pores.

How to exfoliate skin

You can complete this deep cleansing task with various methods, and below, we will share three of the best methods with you:

  • GREEN CLAY: applying green clay to the skin is a truly very effective method.  Not only does it exfoliate your skin, but it will also balance skin pH levels and eliminate all accumulated impurities.Green clay also has antibacterial and germicide properties that are perfect for skin.  To apply green clay, just apply it to your face as a paste (mixed with a bit of fresh water), and allow to dry.  Rinse well, and then apply regenerating aloe vera or honey cream.
  • OATMEAL: exfoliating the face with oatmeal is also another very effective and simple method.  To do this, just blend a bit of oatmeal and moisten it with a little bit of water.  Gently rub your face with the moistened oatmeal; rub it over your neck, chin, nose, forehead, etc.  Wash once you have finished, and apply some type of cream, like aloe or apple cream.
  • SALT OR SUGAR: these are two very inexpensive exfolitors that, even though they don’t possess antibacterial nor nutritive properties like the clay they will leave your skin free of dead cells and toxin residue.  To apply it, just grab a bit of salt or sugar with a moistened hand, and gently apply to your moistened.  Don’t scrub hard.  Gently massage your face, and then rinse very well.

Facial cleansing:

Before going to sleep, wash your face with mineral water to avoid using tap water that have a lot of chlorine, and which dries out the skin.  You can also wash by moistening a cotton ball in warm chamomile water or green tea.  Do not sleep with makeup on, or with your face dirty.  If you are wearing a lot of makeup, take it off with a bit of cold pressed olive oil, and then remove the remaining oil with a moistened cotton ball.  Remember not to leave your skin absolutely free of oil, because this will cause your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, as the face needs oil.  Once your face is well cleaned, use some sort of recommended cream.

Rose water is also a good companion for your face, as well as aloe vera gel.  Avoid using corrosive or poor quality soaps, which only dry your skin out, making your pores look more open.  If you apply clay, keep in mind that it is an excellent natural soap.  Or you could opt for a neutral soap made from honey or seaweed.


Masks are the skin’s best friend: they nourish it, moisturize it, soften and clean it, etc.  Below, we will leave you with two fantastic masks for open pores.

Tomato and yogurt mask

Mash one small partially-ripe red tomato, and blend with two tablespoons of plain yogurt.  Apply abundantly to your face and let set for 10 minutes.  Remove with water.  You could also apply tomato slices over your skin areas with open pores, making sure to wash the area before applying the mask.   You should apply this mask daily.

Cucumber and honey mask

In a blender, mix half a cucumber with 3 tablespoons of 100% organic honey, 3 tablespoons of yogurt, and one tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil.  Once everything is well blended, apply generously to your face.

Wash masks off with copious amounts of water.

Apple mask

To make this mask you will need one small or medium apple, one egg white, one tablespoon of powdered milk, 2 tablespoons of honey.  To prepare it, gently mix the milk with the egg white.  Then add the apple, sliced, and the honey.  If it is too thick, add a bit more plain yogurt.  Apply for 15 minutes.


This is a basic and fundamental part of curing and keeping the skin smooth and beautiful.  You should include foods rich in antioxidants in your diet, like garlic, onion, broccoli, citrus foods, foods rich in vitamins A, E, and C.  In the mornings before breakfast, beginning with a citrus fruit would be ideal.  This will deeply cleanse your intestines and blood and will help regulate oil balances in your skin.  Avocado, brewer’s yeast, spirulina seaweed, olive oil and evening primrose are fantastic for keeping the skin as beautiful as you dream.

Reduce stress and harmonize your emotions:

A lot of facial problems are related to stress, anxiety, and frequent and constant anger.  To regulate your emotional energy, and to help your body be well oxygenated and nourished, we recommend you practice yoga, tai-chi, or bioenergetic sessions.  These disciplines are fantastic for keeping the skin beautiful.

Facial massage

Give your face a daily massage by apply cream or moisturizing oil, and then gently press your entire face with your ring finger.  This will help promote circulation and will keep your cells well nourished.  Facial yoga can help prevent your pores from opening, as it will keep your tissues and muscles toned and oxygenated.

Self Massage: Whenever you can, run a clean lemon over your face, as if it were a small rolling pin.  Gently massage yourself with it, rubbing your cheeks, forehead, lips, neck, etc.  You could also try going to a spa for a massage with oils especially for your skin.

Sleep well:

Did you know that your skin cannot regenerate sufficiently nor absorb nutrients if you don’t rest enough?  You should sleep at least 8 hours a day for you skin to have proper repairs.  So make it a habit to go to bed and wake up on a schedule that allows you to sleep this much.

Drink water:

Poorly hydrated skin is prone to all sorts of conditions.  If you want firmer and smoother skin, you must drink at least 2 liters of fresh water a day.  You could add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll a day to one of those glasses of water to help keep your body cleansed, and to always keep your cellular activity efficient.

Medicinal sulfur baths

Natural sulfur baths are fantastic allies for skin beauty.  There are places in some countries where you can bathe in natural sulfur springs.  However, if you aren’t close to any of those areas, try to mix fifty grams of calcium and twenty grams of pure sulfur into your bath water.  

If you do go to a sulfur spring, gather up the moss that forms on the edges.  This is nothing more than sulfurous precipitate that is given off from the thermal walls.  Rub this moss on your skin, it is a potent natural medicine for curing skin conditions, and helping to pores recover in size.

Lastly, avoid worrying too much.  A lot of times, when you focus too much on something you just encourage it even more.  Do what you must, and stop worrying.  Don’t spend every second to check yourself out in the mirror to look at your pores.  Trust that nature is already doing what’s necessary to keep your face beautiful.

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