Druids: Nature, Love, and Magic

The Druids were people of a great intellectual cast that stood out for their great culture and knowledge: they had knowledge of medicine and astronomy, and were great philosophers and scientists, lovers and devotees of nature.  In spite of their great knowledge and understanding about nature and the divine, there is no written inheritance of their legacy because the Druids did not write what they knew, but rather had the rule of orally transmitting their knowledge.  They believed that by passing this knowledge from person to person, or from generation to generation, through songs, stories, and spoken poems, the knowledge was transformed by whoever lived it in that moment, and therefore the knowledge grew in evolution.Druids: Nature, Love, and Magic

Druids and Celt understanding

The Celt understanding of nature concentrated on the profound understanding of the elements, which are essential and divine energies linked to the Earth’s essence.  They were represented with characters like fairies, elves, goddesses, etc. These fundamental entities for life on this plant were classified as land, fire, air, and water, and perhaps a fifth one, which is now commonly known as the Spirit.  Celt Magic practitioners would often study and focus their attention on the healing properties of plants and rocks.  They also studied how to use energies flowing from rivers, trees, flowers, air, mountains, etc., to create harmony, power, and well-being.  The primary object of devotion for the Celtics were the Grand Mother, the Mother, and the Warrior Goddesses; which reflect the feminine and masculine poles.

Practitioners of Celt Magic would frequently use, as we said, the powers of plants, herbs, flowers, and stones, with the utmost respect, in acts of healing or to initiate communication rituals with divine nature spirits, and to ask them favors.  To do this, they performed different types of rituals, a lot of which have been lost, and it is no longer known exactly how they performed them because, among other things, they were not documented.  Some of the ancient rituals were transformed and adapted for the modern era, and some of them are performed by practitioners of Wicca Magic.  This is a group of people who try to conserve Celt traditions by developing deep spirituality.  This spirituality is necessary to transform and achieve things that seem impossible by our logic.  But for Wicca practitioners, it is not, because they come from the idea that everything is possible always and when you give it the proper amount of respect and the necessary comprehension.

So the core purpose of Celt magic is to achieve balance between the spiritual and the supreme, the material and the physical, because the energies which seem to counteract each other actually depend on each other.  The witches or magicians that try to enact Celtic thought are conscious that they must learn to control and integrate the 4 important laws for the fulfillment of their magic: silence, knowledge, desire, and daring.  Each one of these laws is related to an element of the Earth.  That why, for Wicca Magic practitioners, the beginning of magic does not reside in wanting to transform life or nature by capricious means, but rather, you must first give the Earth and all that exists in her, due respect through deep comprehension of spirituality.  You must center yourself in harmony, health, and love for the planet, before anything else.  From this deep thought, or this understood purpose, you can then obtain power, love, and fulfillment.

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