Masculine Beauty and Charisma: 11 tips to highlight your attractiveness

Masculine beauty tips. An attractive man walking down the street is often times the object of stares.  It’s not only about the way they dress, how cute their nose is or the color of their eyes, but it’s also about their charisma too, the way they hold themselves, how they walk and how they connect with their environment.

Masculine Beauty and Charisma: 11 tips to highlight your attractivenessThere are a lot of ways a man can highlight his beauty, becoming truly charismatic.  Masculine beauty is just as appreciated and valued as feminine beauty.  A lot of men truly enjoy looking good and taking care of their looks, their skin  and composure, and they especially like leaving a mark wherever they go.

Tips for highlighting masculine beauty

If you want to highlight your masculine beauty and attractiveness, we are going to give you a few beauty and charisma secrets:

  1. Exercise regularly: although a good body is always dressed well, having firm muscles and a harmonious body also speaks to a person’s willpower, love for oneself, and of their personal value.  You can also take supplements and teas for weight loss.
  2. Men, especially those that live in the city, need to care for their skin and protect it against dust, filth and contamination.  We recommend never going to sleep with dirty skin, because this can create black heads, making your skin look dry and shriveled.  Wash your skin every night with a bit of oatmeal, which is the best cleanser around for cleaning your skin.  Place a few pieces of oats in your hand and moisten them with mineral water.  Rub your skin, passing over your neck and forehead, never forgetting the part behind your ears.  Then apply an aloe cream, which is nourishing and will help your skin look fresh.
  3. If you have pimples, acne, or any sort of impurity on your skin, do not hide from it.  We recommend that, in addition to cleaning your face at night, you also apply green clay to your face twice a week to regulate your pH.  Do not pop your pimples.  It’s best to place a bit of colloidal silver on top of them to help dry out your skin, and to prevent pimples from returning.
  4. Always try to well clean, well-presented clothing.  Women especially like to see a clean man, regardless of what style he chooses.  If you look clean and your clothing is presentable, this is already a step in the right direction for sending a good message to others.  Most importantly, make sure your nails and hair are clean, brush your hair however you like, but don’t forget to clean it.  You should also pay special attention to your teeth, floss every day and try to always keep your teeth impeccably clean.
  5. Use the most natural shampoo possible.  If your hair is falling out, massage your scalp each night with your fingertips, tilting your head back.  This exercise helps spread nutrients to your head, strengthening your hair.  This makes your hair look more beautiful, and prevents it from falling out.
  6. Always try to wear a hair cut or clothing that you feel comfortable in.  Avoid copying fashions or styles that feel uncomfortable to you.  There’s nothing better than being natural, being yourself, and loving yourself as you are.  This is one of the biggest secrets to attractive men.
  7. Maintain healthy eye contact.  When someone talks to you, keep visual contact, regardless of how insecure you may feel.  Looking in someone’s eyes shows an important connection to others that people truly like.
  8. Say hi with a smile.  If you don’t know someone, but they relate to someone you do know, say hi to them as well.  Say hi even when you don’t know someone, when they’re nearby at an event you were invited to.  Saying hi is the best way to present yourself.  You could simply smile, which is enough to connect yourself charismatically to your surroundings.
  9. The secret to increasing your charisma: Love yourself and accept yourself.  The majority of men respond that yes, they love and like themselves, but a lot of them don’t truly feel that way.  It is very important that you take this recommendation seriously, and that you truly take a look at whether you like yourself or not, and accept any areas that you don’t like.  You may not see it, but this shapes how others perceive you.  If you are disgusted with yourself, or you don’t like the way you look, first recognize what part of you you don’t like, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself what you truly feel.  Then, let your feelings flow, and think about yourself, then follow the next step.
  10. Once you have told yourself, or written down, how you truly feel, take a look at things that you can change, and try to think about how.  For example, if you don’t like your belly, maybe you should exercise a bit, or eat healthier.  If there are things that you don’t like that you can’t change, remember that people are never going to love you because you have the perfect nose, or because you’re tall or muscular.  What people will truly see in you is your ability to love yourself and to be natural: to be yourself.  Look at how many people still feel unloved, in spite of having “perfect” measurements.  And how many imperfect, or even “ugly” people are truly loved and charismatic socially.  The difference between the two?  One loves himself ad accepts himself as he naturally is.  He is what he is.
  11. Feel secure about your opinions or who you are, but always making sure this is natural.  Make sure you don’t say things must to be accepted by others, or to impress others.

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