The Mind’s Power is in the Heart

To turn lead into gold.  That is what alchemists focused their attention on in ancient times, who hid their teachings in different symbols so that not everyone had access to such fascinating information.  Using the mind to create what one wants is truly a double-edged sword: without a certain knowledge when using the mind’s powers, you could cause the same thing that a 5 years could cause with a magic wand in hand.

The Mind's Power is in the HeartWhat would an angry 5 year old child do to his mother with a magic wand in hand?  What would he turn her into?  A frog?  Into a ball to kick around on his own whim?

This example might seem a bit silly to you, but it’s just to show you what power does without special maturity. 

Knowledge should be accompanied by wisdom.  And wisdom is gained through experiences, through an awakened consciousness.  A man who does not dominate his own nature, cannot dominate his reality.  That’s why initiated members in ancient times, and those that embarked on the path towards Magic and the powers of the mind, had to focus their attention on understanding their own nature, their emotions, their pain, and their depression.  

If all one desires is power without consequences and a special emotional maturity, the power will then only be used to create more pain and limitations (even though they won’t be conscious of this).

The mind is creating in every moment.  It has always done this, but it does this based on how it is programmed, from what it has learned and accepted as true.  So this “magic wand” receives limited instructions, “small ones”, like those of a small child or someone who is not very conscious of the decisions they make.

To begin to change this programming, you must understand all those experiences that have caused pain, insecurity, fear, and doubt.  This also requires an understanding that we are not separate from the divine.  That each person forms part of the Whole, something very divine that by judging a third party, or yourself, you are judging the divine.

Could could the divine be “bad”?  Judgments have created man, divine nature just allows.  It allows, never judges.  She gives space and opportunity to live so that unlimited ways of life can be experienced.  She gives every individual the opportunity to freely choose what they want to convert their life into, and she also gives people the opportunity to become greater through what they live, which is to say, the opportunity to evolve.

Mind’s Power

In order to awaken the powers of mind, you must fine tune your understanding.  Beginning to polish the divine that resides within our hearts.  The Spirit does not simply “appear” suddenly, you must develop it.  In just the way that we feed and care for the body with food, we bathe ourselves and take exercise, we should also dedicate time and dedication to the Spirit, or the Creative Force, within ourselves.  This implies touching a little bit each day what it means to be divine; what it means to carry God within our bodies, what it means to be akin to a power that creates suns, stars, and unending oceans.

One way of beginning to awaken inactive potential in your mind is to begin to understand how this powerful tool works, and to know what type of material you’re working with.  It is well known that the mind is equivalent to all the thoughts that circle around our heads all day.  So a good exercise to begin with is to pay attention to the thoughts that circulate through your head throughout the day.

Would you like your thoughts to come true at this moment?  What do you think about your neighbor, your “enemy“?  What do you hope will happen to those that cause you pain?  Do you want vengeance against someone?  How would you do it?

And everything else you think…Who do you think will suffer from it?  Them?  Of course not.  You are who will suffer from what you think.  They could be far away, off in Hawaii, having fun, and not even thinking of you.  You are the one who suffers from what you feel, because you will become that feeling incarnate.  

You could get even, wish the worst for someone, you might plan how to make their life impossible.  You could even hope they get wiped off the planet, yes, they deserve it, they have caused you a lot of pain.  But…what then?  What will happen after you’ve made them worse off?  You would realize that none of this ends your disdain nor your pain, it will only bring you more loneliness and misunderstanding.

So you already have your work cut out for you: observe your thoughts every day and begin to understand what the great master pain is, which has stopped your life and has eclipsed your happiness in your heart.  This isn’t because it is “bad”; it is because you have denied seeing, scrutinizing, what you could have learned from it.  

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