Mandala therapy: imagination, concentration and creativity

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit.  Mandalas are designs that begin in the center, and spread out in a geometrical design towards the outside, producing balanced and beautiful designs.Mandala therapy: imagination, concentration and creativity
The attractive and colorful drawings catch the eye because of their beautiful designs.  We can admire them in paintings created by artists, and they can also be found in geometrical creations through all of nature: flowers, snow flakes, the eyes, the hands, the galaxies, etc.

The art of creating and painting mandalas comes from India, which aims to achieve  high level of concentration and relaxation by tracing and coloring the different parts of the geometrical design.

Mandala therapy was developed later on in the West with the intent of developing concentration and a deep meditative state.  Mandalas are simple to make, and in today’s age, plenty of creative freedom is used when developing this art.  You could easily grab just a few colored pencils, water colors or crayons and let the wings of inspiration take hold, painting however our consciousness, our moods, or our thoughts guide us.  Keep in mind that colors can be used to identify our moods, because every color carries its own vibrational frequency.  The following list mentions a few colors and personality traits, along with the moods associated with them while painting a mandala:

Bright red: Indicates security and confidence.

Dull or dry red: insecurity, lack of confidence, fear

Bright green: Health, truth, abundance

Dry green: Depression, hopelessness, confusion

Bright yellow: Wisdom, intelligence

Dull yellow or brown: Lack of emotional understanding, the need for understanding, feeling trapped

Bright pink: Love, friendship, a desire to give and share.

Dark pink: lack of love for oneself, low self-esteem, emotional pain

Bright or electric blue: Lots of intellectual activity, lots of reasoning and understanding, sharp perceptive abilities.  Developed intuition is sea blue or indigo.

Making mandalas is recommended for people of all ages, even children will enjoy themselves making them if they are well guided and motivated.  We can allow them to invent their own, or we can show them already made mandalas for them to copy.  Mandalas are also attractive house and room decor.  Children who create mandalas can develop their creative talents, their concentration, and even that ever-sought-after gift of patience.

So if you would like to further explore your mind and its extraordinary creative abilities, try this mandala for starters.

Doodle mandala

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