Recognize the work of others: a key to success

We all work for someone, even those who are business owners and make their own decisions; they work for the people who benefit from what they sell.  On the other side of the coin, all of us interact with someone who works for us.  Every time we go to the store and buy something, for example, what we’re really receiving is the result of the effort and dedication that someone had, to provide us with some sort of pleasure, or to fulfill a need.  We are constantly bartering; I share this or that, and both we, and they, benefit from our effort, responsibility, and creativity.
Recognize the work of others: a key to success


You could say that money is the agreed upon compensation, because it gives us the freedom to chose, in a world of creative alternatives, what we most want to obtain.  No one seems to complain when they’re paid extra for what they do, and a lot of people complain when they feel their compensation isn’t equal to their effort and creativity.  Coming to a monetary agreement is very important for a business, and even a house, to function smoothly and harmoniously.  There’s something flowing underneath the money and the work, however, which makes the big difference between companies, businesses, and houses that function well, and those that have outstanding success: that something is the contentment and the enthusiastic disposition of the worker that arrives to work.  

It doesn’t matter if the company has a lot of money, or highly creative and responsible people working.  If the managers don’t successfully make their employees feel the importance of their job, and the value they bring, the business will then never reach its maximum potential.  It is proven that directors or bosses who are cold to their workers, provokes a lack of motivation in the workers.  And if the people who are working lack the virtue of motivating themselves, we could then find ourselves with people who work while angry, unsatisfied, or in disagreement with things.  People will search for reasons “not to work”, or to do things halfheartedly.  This is the principal reason a lot of business fail during start-up, or get stuck without creative evolution.  Working in an environment where the directors and distant, unobservant, and don’t value the people’s efforts, invites workers to search for another job, or to constantly protest for good, or very good, pay.  The business will also have more problems.  Problems always seem to be in any place that is ran without harmony and emotional maturity.

Recognition and value

The work environment where people search for, more than anything, recognition and value, because this brings us personal fulfillment.  It also makes us realize that we are bettering the business, and what else we can to better it.  Even those that know how to motivate themselves, secretly hope that a boss or a co-worker lets them know how they feel about their work, even if it’s not a good feeling.  Giving yourself a few minutes to say “Thank you, I like your work, I’m very happy you’re part of the team”, or “I feel like you haven’t done what we hoped you would, but I believe in your ability, I know you’ll do well this month”, etc.  These are small phrases that really can make the difference, and give someone all the strength they need not only to grow the business, but to grow themselves.

Mature emotional contact is very important and should flow in the work environment.  You’ll see that if you practice this with honest intention, the employees or co-workers in your company will express different moods.  You’ll notice that if they never performed before, they will now begin to.  And if they already performed well, they do 10 times better now.  Recognize and communicate what you feel: this is the key to success.

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