Deodorizing Essences for the Environment

Smells can cause us to experience all sorts of sensations and feelings.  They connect us with emotions, and take us back to all sorts of memories.  Through the olfactory sense, we can detect when something is fresh, or when it isn’t good anymore.  We can distinguish perfumes and fragrances, inspire or discourage ourselves, feel attracted to or repulsion towards something, and can even want to separate ourselves, and quickly even run away.

Deodorizing Essences: rosemary herb & oil

Cleanliness, health, and well-being

Of all smells, one of the most attractive are those that inspire a sensation of cleanliness, health, and well-being.  There’s nothing like walking into a room that feels fresh and harmonious.  It’s not always possible to achieve, however, because there are several environmental factors that could prevent it, like strong odors leftover after making stew, or like the smell of food, or the bathroom, or of hospitals, trash, smog, pain, etc.

Deodorizing essences

Deodorizing essences are meant specifically to absorb or cover up strong and unpleasant odors, while providing a pleasant smell to the environment.  Bellow is a list of essential oils and incense smells that can help the environment to always stay fresh.  If you use essential oils, just a few drops in a diffuser should be enough in order to achieve the desired effects.

CITRUS AROMAS: lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime are excellent aromas to purify the environment and to create a sensation of freshness.  When these oils are of good quality, they can also be used as good bactericides to disinfect environments.

FOREST AROMAS: pine, eucalyptus, wood, ceder, etc., are perfect for cleaning not only unpleasant odors from the environment, but also to promote the circulation of renovating energies.  This is why they help create enthusiasm in those who smell it.

MINT: the essential oil of this aromatic herb is one of the most fresh and invigorating.

SPEARMINT: an environment that smells of spearmint harmonizes and stimulates the nervous system, promotes concentration, and helps clear the mind.  It also keeps flies and mosquitos away.

 ROSEMARY: rosemary has a lot of virtues, and also provides a very peculiar and attractive aroma to the environment.  It improves breathing, stimulates, tones, promotes memory, and brings about good moods.  It is very useful in room for asthmatics or those who are sick with bronchitis, migraines, and headaches.

SANDALWOOD: in spite of having a fairly velvety aroma, it is a very good element for disguising bad odors.  It improves breathing and promotes meditation and creativity.  It is an anti-depressive aroma and helps improve sleep quality.


Every time you go to buy essences or incense, make sure they are of good quality, in order to attain maximum results.  Never use essential oils directly on the skin.

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