The Mind, Emotions and Jazz: cure yourself through Rhythm

Music is the vibrating and expansive sound of the cosmos.  All music contains frequency levels that are absorbed by our minds, provoking certain types of moods, emotions, attitudes, and creative movements.

Emotions and JazzMusic has accompanied man since the beginning of time.  They say that music is everywhere, even silence that its special “music”, its own “sound”.

Emotions and Jazz

Each music style can undoubtedly reach us with a certain emotion.  Jazz, for example, is a musical style that was once looked down upon by high society.  People said that this style of syncopated rhythm provoked, and induced, immoral behavior.  Man, however, in his never-ending passion to express and understand his emotions, did not allow jazz to remain isolated from the musical scene.  Jazz found its own musical style, in spite of all those people who thought the music of Bach, Mozart, Shubert, and other great musical geniuses, was the only music that should be listened to.

Jazz comes from the songs the slaves sang in order to distract themselves from the unending and exhausting labor that was inflicted upon them.  Their songs, of course, were embellished with the moods that took them over during those times, like exhaustion, the need for freedom and recognition, the desire to be heard; they were full of passion.


Jazz has never stopped being a rich musical style, flavored with emotions like the desire to live, the need for freedom, the complaints and lamentations of non-conformity.  When you listen to jazz and focus on the sensations it produces, you experience a deep sense of emotion.  When combing this with the incredible voices of their interpreters, we can then connect with the deep feelings carried through this musical style.  It is based on improvisation, and element that transmits a genuine and travellin’ spirit through its interpretation.

Learning to free emotions is very healthy, especially when these emotions are liberated through rhythm.  If we follow this liberation with the appropriate reflection, we can create deep understanding and an emotional overflow out of any musical style.  And then any sort of musical style will then be able to help us not only enjoy the moment, but to grow and mature emotionally as well.

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