Radionic Therapy and Healing

Radionic therapy is also known as physchotronics or teletherapy, which means healing by distance therapy through movement of energy.

Light: Radionic TherapyWikipedia writes the following definition “Radionic therapy used things like blood, hair, a signature or personal objects in order to supposedly cure a patient from a distance.  The concept of radionic therapy originated in 1900, by Albert Abrams (1864-1924).  He became a millionaire by renting Radionic machines that he himself had designed.  However, Abrams was never able to prove that his machines were effective.  Until now, no proof has been found that these Radionic machines were effective in diagnosing and treating illnesses, and the United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize the medical use of any of these products.  Radionic therapy is not based on scientific proof, and contradicts the basic principles of physics and biology.  Because of this, Radionic therapy has been classified as a pseudo-science, and quackery.

Of curing by means of energy

It’s always difficult to talk about concepts regarding energy and healing.  For some people, scientific proof is absolutely necessary and of the utmost importance, and they will reject and criticize what science does not recognize as true.  On the other hand, there are those that don’t struggle at all admitting, or putting alternative medicine practices into use, by combining these concepts of healing and energy, without caring if they are criticized or rejected by conventional medicine.  These latter individuals not only open themselves to these healing methods and experience energetic healing, but that also clearly benefit positively from these methods.

Radionic therapy

Radionic therapy has been developed formally in several parts of the world, especially in England, by investigators like Albert Abrams (who was previously mentioned), Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, and Malcom Rae.

Radionic therapy does not requite chemicals nor complex processes, and only uses energy and some sort of medium, like cards, symbols, gems, equipment, etc., for transmission.  Another benefit is that this therapy is very cheap.  In some places it is completely free, and in countries like India, where economic times are tough, this medicine has been widely developed, for free.

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