Apathy or a peaceful soul?

An absence of wants or desires can mean happiness, and this certainly brings tranquility and peace to the soul.  If we emotionally draw back from the world for a moment, if we stop wanting and simply accept and witness life, our soul seems to fall into a state of profound relaxation.  We certainly don’t seem to suffer from any type of imbalance.  This distance from life is definitely useful, most of all when we feel weighed down, tense and overburdened by responsibilities. Removing ourselves from things and practicing contemplation gives us a panoramic view of an entire situation, it allows us to see our life with a bird’s eye view, and enriches us with a moment full of consciousness.  This will later give us more clarity and creativity to resolve situations and continue living in a much deeper and satisfactory way.
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Peace is very necessary.  Those that allow themselves to be affected by things, that don’t retain a peaceful center, probably suffer because emotions tend to dominate.  Emotions accumulate in the body and mind with old thoughts, and tend to dominate the situation, repeating the same reactions.  A part of our minds is programmed to become efficient, which is why it’s difficult to accept new things.   If we don’t learn to find peace by stepping back from it all, we then become a machine that serves the mind (and the old), rather than a being who has a tool – called the mind – to be a creative and constantly renewed person.

If we fail to find peaceful and contemplative moments for at least a half an hour a day, if we never give ourselves the time to be tranquil and to analyze, think about, and reflect on what we feel and think, we’ll become so tired of serving the mind and its old concepts, and eventually the time will come when we feel exhausted, tired, old, and uncreative.  Creativity is what refreshes and rejuvenates the entire human being.  This will soon lead to us not wanting to do what we do, we’ll be annoyed, bored, and then we’ll become apathetic.


Apathy is the consequence of having been repeating the same behavior or experience so many times that our own sense of playfulness and creativity gets fed up.  We don’t want to do anything because there’s no enjoyment of the game, and then we become depressed.  This is why we have to give ourselves the opportunity to find peace every day, and if we truly don’t want to do something, it’s because we owe ourselves a few days of peace and deep consciousness about our lives.

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