The power of Acceptance

If we were to observe our thoughts throughout the day, it’s quite possible we would surprise ourselves by the amount of rejection and disapproval we hold towards ourselves.  Our internal dialogue is frequently ignored, and for that reason we succumb to repeating it.  We’re accustomed to reacting a certain way, there are voices in our head that aren’t even ours that make us react in certain situations.  These are the voices we grew up with, the ones that told us how to do things and that programmed information about what to do and what not to do.  They taught us what was right and what was wrong and gave us a concept of ourselves: you’re forgetful, you’re a bit slow, you’re not as competent as this guy, your legs aren’t pretty, etc.  Somehow, our minds became loaded with this information and then got used to singing the same song every time we encountered an experience.estrella luminosa


Not accepting ourselves, being in constant denial of who we are, and always forcing ourselves to be something better is an exhausting drain.  If this persists, it will eventually leave us in a terrible mood, it will affect our entire body and will be the cause of a number of discomforts.  By always spreading a message of denial, those around us will feel our negative relationship to ourselves – they will “smell” what we think about ourselves – and unless that person lives with a high vibrational frequency of pure love, they will react negatively to our own disliking and the will distance themselves and reject us.

To truly gain appreciation from others it is absolutely necessary that first, we take a look at how we treat ourselves.  How many times a day to you repress yourself?  How do you talk to yourself?  How much appreciation do you have for your own efforts throughout the day?  Take a few minutes each day to observe those moments when you punish yourself, when you curse yourself, or when you didn’t have patience with yourself.  Frequently, we hold high levels of severity to ourselves, and the worst part is, these become our habits if left unobserved and are never transformed.


Try each and every day to give yourself some time to watch, respect yourself, and become your own best friend, your confidant, and create a loving and intimate relationship with the person you are.  If you persist in accepting yourself you’ll see how a new strength begins to awaken, you’ll become more attractive, and your world will become friendlier and more comfortable.

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