Understand a little bit more (part two)

It’s important to search for deep understanding of what we do in each and every moment, without criticizing or blaming ourselves; simply observing ourselves, and not resigning to the first explanation our mind gives us, but going a little bit deeper.  Doing this implies that we allow ourselves a certain audacity for change in every moment that we observe ourselves, that we think about things from different perspectives, that we consider a new way of acting.  It’s very common, however, that when you think about or want to dare to act differently, the familiar mind (the one that’s loaded with past information) resists because it doesn’t know where this new attitude will get us, and it will do everything to try to stop us in these new actions, because this gives it security.  The mind will give us reasons and explanations so that we continue to act as we used to.
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In order to change and make new assessments, a special courage is needed.  A courage you can’t attain if you don’t first allow yourself time to understand each experience in our reality, and understand its deepest origin.  The courage to change towards new things will come to us when we understand something we didn’t before.  The only way to understand and renew what happens to us is to give ourselves patience, time, and guidance that rejuvenates us, and makes us connect with our deepest nature.

A new consciousness

When we understand a little more and dig a little deeper beyond our mind’s first explanation, we get a glimpse of our consciousness.  Something lights up, and it feels like a gift from our own interior; it’s a gift that is given when our intention and humility join to discover a broader consciousness.  We then feel rewarded when our new ways of seeing, feeling, and reacting to life spontaneously begin to emerge.  And then we realize we don’t have to just sit there and think about what to do in a certain situation; something’s happened, something with us is more enlightened.  There’s a new understanding, a new consciousness that flows and pushes us very lightly towards new reactions and attitude.  With that gift, we one day discover that, without thinking, we get home one afternoon and see our child repeat that that same behavior that pushes our buttons, and we feel more serene and relaxed. We no longer blow up at him, but a new creative way of explaining things something arises, a new way to make him understand a little bit more.  We may even feel a spontaneous sense of humility at that moment, that right then we ourselves in that child, throwing a fit, making mischief, screaming and being rude, etc.  We might even feel excited to know that moving closer to educate that small human being, is like moving closer to educate ourselves.   

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