Immerse yourself in the Now to refresh Mind and Spirit

Refresh mind and Spirit. If you intently observe where your thoughts and attention are throughout the day, you will surely notice that very infrequently is your mind and your whole being truly present in that moment.  Generally we’re thinking about things that happened yesterday, about what we’re going to do in a bit, about what we’ll do when we get what we’re searching for.  We’re thinking about what we have to pay, about what someone did to us a few months ago, or about something someone hasn’t done.  Immerse yourself in the Now to refresh Mind and SpiritOur attention jumps from one time to another, it travels from the future into the past, and escapes from this present moment.  Thoughts outside of time keep us distanced and dissociated from this moment, and we lose the wonder of completely involving ourselves in this present moment.  We become somewhat repetitive and routine.  The present moment is what truly offers us everything.  But what is everything?  Everything is everything.  Someone once said “ah, yes, but with just this present moment I can’t pay my bills, I’m not going to solve the problems I’m carrying around, and I won’t get rid of this pain”.  Well, to tell you the truth, you might not be able to solve all of these in this exact moment, but you must know that it is this present moment that holds all you need to see or know to solve whatever it is that worries, hurts, or concerns you.  Trying to see more, win more, or act in a truly great way will be really difficult if you don’t first learn to see everything that’s going on in this moment.

for refreshing mind and spirit

If you concentrate for a few minutes on everything that’s going on around you right now, you’ll see how many sounds, smells, and sensations pass through your body.  If you master the skill of truly entering in this moment, and finally distance yourself from your own mind and those persistent thoughts, if you can simply become a conscious observer of everything you think, feel and do, you’ll feel a deep sense of peace take hold of your senses.  Your emotions become nothing more than something to observe.  You become a witness to yourself, a very awake watcher that intensely sinks into the moment and swims in all that they are.  It’s like taking a dip in everything you are, and it renews the mind, creativity, and refreshes your senses and reasoning.  All of this is due to the fact that the act of pure contemplation is an extremely powerful and nourishing action.  This is what is known as meditation.  If you continually meditate, you will notice that you begin to feel new ways of seeing situations, perhaps you’ll feel more mentally flexible, and you’re more open to experiencing new alternatives.  You might even surprise yourself by reacting very differently to things than you use to.  

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