How to deal with the changes of new Consciousness

When you want to change something about your life, what you’re doing is raising your consciousness to deeper understandings.  This process produces greater sensitivity and an intensification of your ability to reflect.  Those that pass through difficult times,anxiety, depression, or moments that cause desperation or nervousness, frequently find themselves in a moment the generates anew level of consciousness.  This usually means they are tearing down, or need to tear down, a barrier to face their weaknesses.

changes of new ConsciousnessDuring those moments, one must be receptive and more aware than ever of their life and what they’re creating for it.  The difficulty that life seems to present is no easy situation, but it allows for us to learn new things, especially the fact that we have several skills and abilities unknown to us still, that have been dormant and unused.

The process of awakening

A lot of people call this process an awakening.  What this really means is that life and its challenges always take us to moments of greater understand about ourselves.  The process of awakening can be slow, and a lot of times the changes it demands of us are huge and take place at a seemingly intolerable pace.  However, you must keep in mind that this difficulty, your problem or loss of someone loved is, at the end of the day, a process that will take you to deeper understanding, and the awakening of an even greater consciousness.  You must, therefore, handle yourself with greatcare during these moments, and understand that you are passing through a period of change that will nourish you in all ways possible.

The apparent disorder that we perceive in today’s world is actually a movement that is shaking free an enormous, dormant potential within the human being.  The way to navigate these changes pushes us more and more towards choice – which is to say – our lacking and our problems bring us closer everyday to choosing a higher quality and more creative life.  However, while this transition phase takes place, our problems and disorder can seem overwhelming  This shake towards a new consciousness produces irritability, frustration, and anger.  It’s very likely that you won’t even understand the purpose of all of this, you won’t know how to handle your feelings.  You may very easily explode and become angry at people.

Intelligent energy lies within us all

You must have confidence that, behind every experience, is a very intelligent and spiritual energy, responsible for bringing everything to its best form.  You must trust that within each of us lies that intelligent and creative energy, which will guide us to create more harmony with the understanding achieved through it all.

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