Lecithin and Cholesterol

The liver produces a fatty substance called lecithin, which is stored in every cell.  This substance in essential to the body to be able to maintain balanced cholesterol.  This substance acts as an emulsifier that keeps cholesterol moving in a liquid state so it can move freely through the veins, preventing it from forming large deposits in the artery walls.  This helps prevent cholesterol accumulations which can cause heart conditions and arteriosclerosis.

Lecithin and CholesterolLecithin is present throughout the body, and forms part of the brain, nerve cells, and semen, beyond just helping to regulate fat deposits in the liver.

Common uses of lecithin

1. It’s a necessary substance for proper sexual gland functioning.

2. It’s extremely necessary for health and beauty, especially for the hair, skin and nails.

3. It’s been proven in some studies that lecithin lowers cholesterol levels and helps break down fat deposits that have accumulated in the body.

4. Combats and regulates excess triglycerides or problems metabolizing fat.

5. The phosphatidylserine (lecithin component) improves and stimulates memory and concentration abilities.

6. Lowers plasma levels the lead to high risk of cardiovascular disease.

7. Very beneficial for children, especially those with learning disabilities.

8. Improves athletic performance.

9. Raises acetylcholine levels, which could be limited in certain neurological diseases or in old age.

Glands (especially the pineal) contain large amounts of lecithin.  Lecithin production can be affected by a poor diet, too much stress or anxiety, and by eating too much or at all times of the day.

Lecithin is easily destroyed when the food products it’s contained in are exposed to heat or are processed or refined.  That’s why it’s suggested to consume lecithin in its most natural form for best absorption.  In fact, if you’re going to by a product with lecithin, it’s best to buy it in powder.

Soy lecithin and Colesterol

Natural soy lecithin is the most recommended form of lecithin.  Soy lecithin contains linoleic acid, potassium, and phosphorus.  A soy lecithin smoothie with fruit and honey is an ideal breakfast for kids and persons with cardiovascular or memory problems.

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