Lemons and their Therapeutic uses

Lemons, classified as citrus, are exquisite fruits belonging to the Rutaceae family, with 16 known varieties.  It is full of extraordinary curative properties, from its flower (lemon blossom), to its pulp, peel, branches, leaves, and seeds.

Lemons and their Therapeutic usesThe seeds are good for parasite removal, the flowers make essential oils for perfumes and soaps, shampoos, useful aromatherapy tonics that purify and cleanse the environment and spirit, and can also be used in cooking.  The branches and leaves can be used as decorative condiments and teas, useful for treating respiratory illnesses.  The peel can be used in preservatives, bath salts, deodorants, syrups, and also decorative cuisine as well.

Lemon juice, however, is what seems to contain the greatest benefits of this fruit.  Regardless of it’s uses that we’ll soon talk about, there still exists today a certain fear of drinking lemon juice.  There are still people today that believe lemon juice to be corrosive, that it deteriorates your teeth, your stomach, and more.  This is all false; lemon is a great friend to humans, and perhaps it would be helpful to mention that gastric juices are much more acidic and severe than lemon juice.

Therapeutic uses of lemons

1. It’s an extraordinary blood tonic, and its effects can be felt just minutes after consumption.

2. It’s a natural antibiotic, applicable in all situations.

3. It helps eliminating uric acid, which is responsible for arthritis, excess mucus, rheumatism, etc.

4. It combats aging because of its regenerative properties.  It rejuvenates the blood and tissues.

5. It prevents cardiac and circulatory weaknesses and problems.

6. Even though it seems absurd, it is ideal for healthy teeth and gums: it fights cavities, removes inflammation from the gums, and can even remove stains from the teeth (to do this, chew on lemon pulp, rinsing teeth later).

7. It cleanses the entire body and alleviates headaches as well as problems and pain associated with the stomach, intestines, muscles, legs, etc.

8. It fights venereal diseases such and gonorrhea, AIDS, syphilis, etc.

9. It combats viral and bacterial illnesses such as salmonella, parasites, measles, etc.

10. It cleans and regenerates the intestines, and is perfect for combating cases of diarrhea, cramps, constipation, peritonitis, gas, bad breath, etc.

11. It helps to regulate the glands, which is why it’s highly recommended in cases of obesity.

12. It keeps the nervous system healthy, helping fight insomnia, tiredness, etc.

13. There’s nothing better for the skin and hair: it heals wounds, ulcers, dark spots, fungi, blisters, rashes, insect bites, etc.  Its oil is a natural conditioner.

14. It’s very good forpreventing calcium deficiency in bones.

15. Used medicinally it eliminates congestion and toxins that cause most illnesses such as allergies, diabetes, colds, pneumonia, migraines, all types of pains, blood problems, etc.

In summary, Lemon cures, or at least helps or prevents, almost all types of sicknesses or weaknesses, by using it in specific doses according to what you want to do.  Generally it’s best to drink the juice of two to three lemons a day, before breakfast and meals, dissolved in  a half glass of warm water.

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