The wonders of Sesame

Sesame is a herbaceous plant that grows approximately one meter tall, with a fibrous root.  It has a long crop made up of 4 small capsules that create a sweet-flavored oil, and small seeds (diverse in color: white, brown, black, grey, or red, according to the region).  They are highly coveted in several countries, not only for its flavor, but also for its nutritional value.
sesame seeds in sesame oil

Sesame benefits and properties

Sesame seeds are rich in:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Fatty acids (indispensable to the nervous system)
  • Mineral salts: iron, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, and chrome
  • Calcium
  • Sesame seeds regulate sodium-potassium levels, which foster good water balance.
  • Iron
  • Lecithin (an ever greater amount that contained in soy)

Sesame’s properties and medicinal applications:

  • Purgative
  • Fights malnutrition and anemia
  • Combats constipation
  • Cleanses the intestines
  • Nourishes the brain, providing optimum function
  • Used for masculine infertility because of its zinc content.
  • Used in oriental medicine to lubricate the liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, and lungs.
  • Sesame seeds help reduce and control cholesterol levels, due to its lecithin content.
  • Is also used aesthetically.  Sesame oil is rich in vitamin C and is used in creams and oils, or as tonics to improve skin health and appearance.

Suggested during:

Pregnancy, anemia, anorexia, menopause, physical weakness, athletes and children, due to its high calcium content.

Helps improve joint rigidness.

Nutritional information (100 grams of raw sesame seed)

  • approx. 598 calories
  • 58 grams unsaturated fat
  • 670 mg calcium
  • 10 mg iron
  • 20 grams proteins
  • 5 mg zinc

Culinary uses of sesame

Sesame can be used in a variety of ways in cooking.  It’s flavor makes it perfect for providing the perfect touch to peculiar or different dishes, like salad or meat dressings, dips, breads (rolls, teleras, cakes, etc.), muesli, soups, creams, etc.

Sesame flour is used to make atole, tamales, tortillas, creams, baked goods, etc.

Efficient constipation treatment with sesame

Treating constipation naturally is the best way to go, as pharmaceutical remedies irritate the colon, making it work hard.  Over time, this also weakens the body’s own evacuation method, making it “lazy” with pharmaceutical irritants.

So if you are constipated, or you want to help someone else who is (also useful for children), the following remedy is very useful:

  • Cook 30 grams of sesame seeds in one and a half liters of water.  Boil for 5 minutes, remove from heat and allow to stand for 20 minutes while covered.  Drink half a glass before breakfast, and a half an hour before bedtime.  Save the remaining portions in the fridge, but always warm it up before drinking it.


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