Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Rectal problems, like hemorrhoids, are caused in several ways: bad diet, eating too much flour, or refined or dehydrated products what cause constipation, lack of exercise, pregnancy, etc.  The latter provokes excessive pressure on the veins around the anus, creating hemorrhoids as a consequence.

Treat Hemorrhoids NaturallySince the veins circling the anus are only able to support a certain amount of pressure, when that pressure is exceeded the veins explode and begin to bleed.  These veins are elastic, and can become larger and create nodules.  However, when it is constantly being repaired, the tissue becomes so damaged that the hemorrhoids grow larger and become bothersome.

Advice to prevent and help treat hemorrhoids

To avoid this condition, you must observe a diet with very little (or no) refined flour, sausages, saturated fats and dairy products, as the foods are very heavy and make the food bolus consistent and inflexible.

Shortly, we will provide you with natural tips to treat and prevent this condition

Correct posture for bowl movements

Squatting down with the heels of your feet nearly touching your glutes is excellent for helping the body have a bowl movement.  This position helps to strengthen all organs and tissues involved in elimination, allowing for a more complete bowl movement.  This is a natural posture for bowl movements, and even though we can’t do it this way, it is good to sit this way for a few minutes every day to stimulate the intestines.

Inflamed hemorrhoids

If your hemorrhoids are very inflamed, it’s because the tissues are already very damaged.  This this case, you can try placing a clove of raw garlic in the rectum at night (or you can make a garlic paste and spread it over the rectum.  The paste is easy to make: 1 tsp. of olive oil plus 1 clove of crushed garlic).  Garlic properties are extraordinary for healing and repairing tissues.

Foods that help

If you have hemorrhoids, be sure to include products elaborated with linseed.  Linseed tea with a few spoonfuls of chlorophyll are truly helpful.  Linseed, apart from helping reduce tissue swelling, makes the food bolus more flexible so as to pass more smoothly through the anus.  Don’t forget to drink a lot of fresh water (avoid soft drinks and sugary drinks), and include fresh fruit juices in your diet.


Movement is a part of the body.  The intestines and all organs operate better if they are stimulated by movement.  Don’t forget to do at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day.  Doing crunches and dancing tones the intestinal area.

Inclined table

Lastly, make a routine of laying down on an inclined table for 20 minutes a day.  This is really very beneficial for healing these tissues.

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