Tell me what you smell like, and I’ll tell you your personality: Perfumes and Essences for your personality

If love is born at first sight, the smell is what invites people to get closer.  The perfumes and essences you use speak about who you are.  Your perfume could invite others to get closer, especially when you know how to use essences and perfume, and the characteristics and sensations that certain flowers and essences provoke.
Tell me what you smell like, and I'll tell you your personality

How to use perfumes and essences

  • Perfumes and essences should undoubtedly be used with great discretion.  No matter how pleasant that essence or perfume is that you chose, if you use too much of it you could end up creating an adverse affect, especially for people who are sensitive to smells.  There is nothing better than a suggestive fragrance that invites people to get closer to get a better smell, rather than pushing people away because they can’t stand the smell.
  • Chose a fragrance that you truly enjoy.  Try several essences, some smell of wood or of the forest, while others are fruitier, or sweet.  Or you could get some that are citrus or floral.  Try to chose a quality essence to help keep the fragrance natural, and to create certain olfactory senses that are used for specific purposes in aromatherapy.
  • Some people like to use just one essence every day, but I recommend changing them up every once in a while, or whenever you want a drastic personality change.  This will help combine your new personality with your new aroma.

Here are a few essences and their effects and sensations that they awaken or provoke.  Add one small drop of essential oil to your body cream, according to the effect you would like it to have:

  • LAVENDER: this sweet fragrance invites reflection, a peaceful state as it has a relaxing effect.
  • GERANIUM: this sweet and fresh fragrance elevates the spirit, it opens to door to relaxation and is very attractive if used either by yourself, or with a partner, because this natural fragrance has aphrodisiac qualities.
  • CITRUS (lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lime, etc): very fresh fragrances that brighten any personality.  This goes well with very active people or those with awakened minds.  Helps promote a playful mindset.
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM: sweet but fresh, this flower has calming properties while also awakening the spirit.  It relaxes tension and nervousness.  Use as you wish to create an attractive atmosphere with a touch of mystery.
  • BERGAMOT: this warm and stimulating aroma promotes activity, awakens emotions and raises the spirit.
  • ROSE: this is a truly inspiring and romantic fragrance, penetrating and sweet and perfect for dreamy people.  It promotes sleep, if you like rose fragrance it’s likely that you like the details about people, that your partner be very manly or feminine, perhaps like you are.  Rose has very sedative and aphrodisiac properties, use in moderation.  This will truly achieve a very magical effect with your lover.
  • VANILLA: this sweet but also very attractive aroma has aphrodisiac properties.  If you like vanilla, you are definitely someone that likes things to look good and elegant.  Use this in your body cream and no one will forget you.
  • CLOVES: this is a fresh and attractive, but subtle and youthful fragrance.
  • WOODY FRAGRANCES: woody essence fragrances have warm, manly smells, and give a sense of strength and security.
  • SANDALWOOD: this is the smell of the woods, very fresh, with aphrodisiac properties, and is great for entering into meditative or reflective states.
  • CINNAMON: aphrodisiac, spicy and strong.  If you use cinnamon, do so in moderation.  Add one small drop of essential oil to your body cream, preferably before going to sleep with your partner.  You can also dilute it in almond oil.

Perfumes according to your personality

If you are spontaneous and love to have fun: fruity aromas will work great with you.  Try especially citrus fragrances.  You may also like peach or watermelon, which would also be great for you.

If you are romantic, peaceful or shy: try floral or sweet fragrances.  You will probably like these.

If you are active or athletic: citrus and fresh scents are great for you.

If you like taking risks and travelling the world: use wood or forest fragrances, whichever ones you like best.  You’ll love ylang ylang, eucalyptus, or oak.

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