Fragile X Syndrome (Martin Bell Syndrome)

This syndrome is a genetic condition whereby the X chromosome suffers from certain conditions or modifications when the fetus is developing in the mother’s womb.  Consequently, this creates a mental disability that this child will inherit.
Fragile X Syndrome

Causes of Fragile X Chromosome (Martin Bell Syndrome)

  • When a child’s X chromosome changes or damages a gene called FMR1.  This occurs when a small part of the gene’s code, or information, is repeated in a fragile area of the X chromosome.  The more this information is repeated, the more likely that an intellectual deficiency will be created at birth.  The FMR1 gene is in charge of producing an essential protein for brain development in optimum conditions.  When a defect, imbalance, or mutation is present from coherent information, the body produces very little, or none, or this protein.  As a result, the child will experience a mental development disability.
  • Children can acquire this condition even if their parents do not have it.  This means there is another essential cause at hand, which could be a deficient diet that changes the child’s development during gestation.
  • Emotions could also influence this, such as strong and prolonged stress, poorly managed anxiety, but most of all, a deep intellectual devaluation, either from the father or the mother.  This could be caused by lack of car or value placed on emotions when influenced by illnesses, and is one of the deepest causes of the majority of conditions.  (See remedies and preventive considerations)

NOTE: the truth is, both boys and girls can be affected, but because boys only have one chromosome X (XY), they are at a lesser probability that this chromosome will be affected (half the chance), than girls, who have two X chromosomes, (XX).

Symptoms for Fragile X Chromosomes (or Martin Bell Syndrome)

  • Babies that problems or setbacks in crawling, walking, and turning around.
  • They act impulsively and hyper-actively.
  • Small children cannot clap nor squeeze their hands together.
  • Mental disability, slow speech and word pronunciation, learning things, etc.

How to prevent this condition


It is very important that the pregnant mother watches her diet, including enough folic acid, essential oils and vitamins and minerals.  A varied diet is recommend, frequently including fish, fresh salads, brewer’s yeast supplements, iron, plant based milks, etc.  Foods that your diet should definitely not lack include fish, avocado, raw vegetables, almonds and walnuts, carrot juice with alfalfa, celery or ale, raw salads three times a day, sesame and cold pressed oils.  You should always eat slowly, enjoying your food.


The pregnant mother should rest and keep a creative mind that is pleasant and friendly towards herself.  It’s good to read things that teach you new ways of understanding life, and creating an emotional, energetic, and lively environment.  Maintain a sense of appreciation and gratitude for everything you have.


Walking during gestation helps oxygenate the body and promotes good nutrient circulation.  It also lowers stress and helps the mother to be more relaxed.  We recommend walking in parks away from public roads, in calm areas like the beach, the forest, etc.

It is also important that, as human beings, we constantly take another look at our values and our minds, which includes the ability to think, create, love in new ways, and to learn new ways of seeing life.  This has the deep purpose at heart of making us happy, enabling us to enjoy your freedom and life.  You must create new values.  Often times we operate with antiquated values, or have repetitive ways of seeing and reacting to life.  This creates a deep loss of value in oneself.  If you are a parent of a child with a weak chromosome, it is important that you consider this as an opportunity to learn something nourishing.  Everything that happens to us is meant to hep us grow, to understand better, to see life from a new perspective.

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