Reduce Inflammation and Cure Wounds with Plantain

Plantain possess several health promoting properties.  From long ago times, it has been recognized for curing wounds and bites, and also has benefits against diarrhea as well as gastritis, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and can even stop hemorrhages, fight hemorrhoids, and control diabetes.Plantain o Plantago Major

This plant grows easily in all sorts of land.  It is harvested in midsummer when the plant has reached full development.  It is then dried in a dark, well-ventilated area.


Plantain have a long history of medicinal properties used for treating dog bites with rabies, but even more surprising is that, according to a lot of natural medicine specialists, the plantain can protect against epilepsy and leprosy.

Plantain for Respiratory problems

Plantain produce calming effects on the respiratory tract, which is why it is used to alleviate sore throats, voice loss or hoarseness.  Plantain’s antibacterial properties can be used to eliminate microorganisms that cause respiratory illnesses, and it is a good expectorant.  That’s why it also works at curing cough, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and several other respiratory illnesses.

Skin problems

Plantain are not only one of the best natural disinfectants and healers for all types of wounds, cuts and bruises, but they are also effective for treating burns and skin problems, like dermatitis or ulcers.

They are used to reduce inflammation in insect bites and bee and wasp stings, mosquito and flea bites, or other insect bites.  It also simultaneously accelerates healing and has even been known to cure internal wounds produced by ruptured veins or capillaries.

On the digestive level…

Plantain properties cover a wide variety of illnesses, like: diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhages, hemorrhoids.

Growth in children

Plantain not only clean, but they also fortify and take part in the process of moving used substances.  That’s why no home should go without this fruit, and even less so if you have children at home.  This plant aids child growth.

Other benefits

Plantain help to overcome bladder problems, hypertension, skin regeneration, rheumatism, and blood sugar control, regarding diabetes.

How is it eaten?

For internal usage, it is drank as an infusion.  Boil approximately 100 grams of plantain in one liter of water.  Strain and drink up to four cups a day.

You could also use this infusion as a mouth rinse or gargle to reduce throat inflammation.

Externally, apply fresh plantain leaves to the ulcer or wound, or crushed plantain leaves could also be an excellent remedy for tumors and also cancer.

We also advise drinking fresh plantain juice before breakfast and at night.  For vision problems, place crushed plantain leaves over your eyes.

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