Learn the benefits of Propolis

Did you know that propolis is currently frequently used in natural medicine to fight infections, fungi, viruses and bacteria?  It is even recommended to reduce scars, inflammation and asthma.
Learn the benefits of Propolis

What is propolis?

So, what is propolis?  Well, it is a viscous substance that bees extract from some plants and trees to build the base of their hive.  Of course, once it is extracted, it is modified and synthesized by these insects, giving it a potent medicinal value.

Propolis, also known as natural bee resin, is a wonderful antibiotic and antiseptic.  It also promotes the body’s ability to defend itself, which is why it is known as a huge immune representative.

Because of its composition and properties, it is recommended for recurrent respiratory conditions or for any situation in which the body’s defenses are weakened.

Propolis composition

It is comprised essentially of 50-55% resins and balms, 30-40% bee’s wax, 5-10% essential or volatile oils, 5% pollen and 5% different materials, which could be organic materials or minerals.  Overall, more than 160 different compounds have been identified in it, which are 50% phenols, which are attributed with pharmaceutical powers.  The primary identified phenols are provitamin A and some B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B3 or nicotinamide.  It also contains lactones, polysacharides, amino acids and other substances that are still unidentified.

How does it heal us?

In addition to its ample antibacterial effect, propolis stimulates the body’s immunological response, complementing both functions without creating alterations in the bacterial flora in the digestive tract, which does occur when taking antibiotics sold in pharmacies.

Another one of propolis’s virtues is its ability to transport itself equally throughout the entire body via the blood system.  Here is a list of its benefits in the human body:

Circulatory system: propolis combines vaso-dilator and hypotensor effects, reduces capillary weakness, prevents cholesterol oxidation and normalizes blood pressure.

Respiratory tract: it is an antibiotic with a wide spectrum of uses, as well an an effective anti-flu.  Good for sore throats because of its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.

Helps the digestive tract: multi-purpose in this regard: regulates appetite, helps heal ulcers, protects the liver and prevents parasitosis.

Dermatology: capable of healing, disinfecting, and reducing inflammation in wounds, burns, and skin conditions.

Perfect for dental health: raises oral health due to its antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects that were previously mentioned.  It also stimulates the creation of tooth enamel and prevents the formation of cavities and bacterial plaque.


You must obtain your doctor’s approval, because even though serious toxic problems still haven’t been reported, it should be used carefully in individuals who are intolerant to bees or any bee product.

We recommend keeping it in hermetically sealed jars, in a dark place that is no cooler than 10-12 degrees celcius.  If kept in a jar with alcohol, propolis will store for more than a year.

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