Nine golden pieces of advice for Next Year

The months, days, and years fly by.  Every moment contained in them represents an opportunity to grow and expand ourselves.  Each person lives certain experiences, and learns from them as much as they can.  The only thing I can do for you right now is to share what has enriched and benefited my relationships, my health, my economic situation, and my emotional life.  I will share these lessons of the heart, hoping that they can help expand your life in some way as well.  I hope they make your reality a more joyous, fun, and fascinating experience every day.

Nine advices for Next Year

Nine golden pieces of advice1. I read a book that said, “don’t take anything personally”.  What that means is that everyone gives their own opinion according to how their day was, and how they feel in that moment.  Don’t believe what people say personally, because they will tell you that you are beautiful, if they feel good, and they will tell you you are horrible, if you don’t please them.  You must always be conscious of who you are, what you feel, and what you think and do, so you don’t feel affected by what other people say.  This way, it will be hard to foll yourself by believing you are something you’re not.

2. Speak to others as you would speak to yourself.

3. When you’re mad, remember that no one is responsible for making you happy, or for giving you what you want.  It is important to always consider that your happiness depends on you.  When you feel satisfied with yourself, you will be able to share more sincerely with others, and you’ll be able to give without feeling drained.

4. When you feel apathetic, unmotivated, or depressed, reflect and ask yourself who you’re trying to please before yourself.  If you base your life on pleasing others, on serving others and making them feel good, you will be separating yourself from what truly makes you feel excited and content.  There is no surer path to unhappiness that trying to please others.

5. If you want to receive something in life, learn to give it first.

6. Trust in yourself: Confidence builds when you dare to explore new abilities and talents within yourself.  Dare to change, and trust that you will find what you look for.  Trust that there is something inside you that has the strength to transform your life towards new possibilities.

7. If you’re sick, be grateful for this opportunity of grow.  Don’t look just to doctors and medications; consider the most valiant and miraculous healing is inside you.  Remember that you have the power to heal yourself, and giving yourself the opportunity to find the appropriate alternatives in your journey is enough.

8. Remember this year that every moment of lacking, weakness, and confusion, is a moment that can bring you to yourself.  Give yourself a few moments of silence and reflection, there is something very wise in you, and just quieting down a bit to listen to it is enough.  And if someone asks advice from you, remember that what they are searching for most in that moment, is peace.  So try to always give tranquility and comfort in your words.

9. And lastly…don’t forget to have fun!!!  Give yourself freedom a couple time each day to be who you want to be.  Allow your curious presence to enjoy the life that streams happily all around.  Don’t spend your life working, cover your basic expenses and that’s it!

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