Laryngitis: Quick, natural and super effective cure

Is it hard for you to swallow?  Did you lose your voice?  Do you have a sore, dry throat?  Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx which is caused primarily by a virus.  Frequent laryngitis symptoms are essentially partial or complete voice loss, which could be accompanied by other symptoms, like colds, cough, fever, dry and sore throat, sneezing, etc.

Young beautiful woman scratching her selfBeyond a viral infection, laryngitis could also be caused by:

  • Pathogenic bacteria or fungus
  • Inflammation of the vocal chords due to excessive stress or inappropriate use of voice, etc.
  • Presence of nodules
  • Gastroesophageal reflux 
  • Emotional causes: throat infections or problems occur when the body’s defenses are low.  This happens when stress causes feelings of anger that cannot be expressed, unrecognized disappointment, the sensation of having to live with something you don’t agree with (see the detail about cures)

If you want a natural and super effective cure, follow these steps and you will see that not only will they cure your laryngitis, but your body will become more resistant and less sickly.

Natural, super effective sure for laryngitis in three steps:

STEP ONE: Diet: for quick voice recovery and a reduction of larynx inflammation, you must eat a diet high in vitamin C.  So we recommend following a diet by eating just pineapple with lemon juice and salt (optional), or honey and lemon.  Drink two liters of measured water a day, which will clean toxins from the body.  this goes very well in fighting against infection.

During the other days of your recovery, you should start the day by eating a raw clove of garlic before breakfast or at night, and follow a diet free of dairy, sugar, and refined flour, and products that have added coloring, preservatives, or which are processed, etc., like sausages, fried foods ,etc.  This will make your  body cleaner and the virus won’t be able to spread.  You should drink carrot juice with broccoli everyday in the afternoons, and in the mornings drink orange or mandarin juice with one or two blended guavas.  Eat a palm-sized piece of ginger that is well washed and disinfected.  Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory.

STEP TWO: consider your emotional world because everything you feel will sooner or later become manifested in the body: if you feel pain and do not recognize it, the body hurts, if you are irritated by something and you are constantly exposed to it without resolving it, the body becomes irritated, if you feel like you can’t stomach someone or something that happened to you, be it because you can’t stand certain things that you have to force yourself to accept it, or because your partner left you, etc., it will be difficult for the body to “swallow”.  If you are ashamed or guilty of something, the body will manifest this as pain.  If you say or do things against yourself, you “dry out” what you truly want, and the throat, which is a road to communication and contact with others, will dry out and you will lose your voice (as if being expressionless to say what you truly desire or feel).  Fear of expressing your opinion or holding onto resentment against someone will make one prone to experiencing larynx inflammation.

If you have an inflamed larynx, the best medicine would be to spend one day on a physical and emotional or spiritual diet, listening to your body and not just sedating it with medications.   You need to reflect on the things that you don’t like, that irritate you, that you have to force yourself to accept either out or fear or for any other cause.  If you recognize what is affecting you and your somehow resolve it, this will force the laryngitis to disappear from whence it came.  If you cure the body but not your emotions, you could possibly become ill more frequently, needing more medication.

STEP THREE: once you’ve followed the previous steps, then follow these remedies to speed up your healing:

a) mix 5 egg white in a glass of almond milk and one tablespoon of brown sugar.  Heat and drink the entire glass as warm as you can stand.  Do this mid-morning.

b) In a glass with recently pressed orange juice, squeeze 3 juicy lemons and blend a large piece of ginger into the mixture.  Add a small glass of tequila to the mixture and warm it up a bit.  Drink it all.  Do this at morning and night.

c) Prepare a mixture with crushed ginger and the juice of four lemons.  Use a piece of ginger the size of your palm.  Add half a cup of honey and mix well.  Sip throughout the day.

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