Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers and Worry

Why do I have gastritis? The brain and the stomach are closely connected by the vagus nerve.  Whenever an individual is worried, the stomach increases the production of gastric juices.  This is actually proven.  Worry is one of the primary causes of problems like gastritis, colitis and stomach ulcers.

Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers and WorryWhen worry becomes constant and prolonged, the stomach fills will the acids from gastric juices, which it constantly has to battle against.  The stomach walls become irritated and worn down, especially when there is no food in the stomach.  If there is already an ulcer in the stomach, the gastric juices (which contain chlorhydric acid) make the problem worse and irritate the delicate walls of the stomach with ulcers.

Why do we worry?

Worry comes from a nervous weakness.  It is a state of unrest whenever we don’t trust in ourselves or in life.  Resistance to what takes place or when certain life events do not take place, create a defensive state that makes the body’s suprarenal glands work to prepare for the possible attack or undesirable experience.  This over-activity of the suprarenal glands activates, on the other hand, stomach movement which prepares itself to receive the experience and to “digest” it.  It’s almost as if the body thought that is was going to have to digest something arduous or strong, and so it preemptively secretes gastric juices.

In normal conditions this flow helps digest well whatever comes into contact with the stomach.  But constant and prolonged flow of stomach juices has a harmful effect as it deteriorates, weakens and even sickens the stomach walls.

The problem gets worse…

  •  The symptoms become noticeably worse if the individual eats excessively or leaves his/her stomach empty for prolonged periods of time, which causes stress or anxiety in the stomach.
  • All excess food accentuates the digestive mechanism, creating arduous work that wear down, tenses, and irritates it.
  • Very irritating foods, or foods that are difficult to digest, also cause the stomach to weaken considerably when there is tension in the body.  This could create a sense of burning or pain in the mouth of the stomach, abdominal swelling, gas, constipation or nausea.
  • Combining very starchy or protein-rich foods, as well as improperly combining foods, creates difficult digestion that tenses the stomach.
  • A lack of vitamins, like A and C, noticeably aggravates ulcers and stomach problems when under tension.

How do I lessen worry and ulcers or stomach problems?

The first thing to do is attack the problem from the root, which resides in excessive worry.  For this, you need to start emotional cultivation by focusing on a life with new understanding.  Societal demands and fulfilling certain life stereotypes can cause an individual to live under stress from being under exhausting rushes or pursuing perfection to meet all of life’s expectations.

This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t fulfill what they need or want, but rather, it’s the focus we give the experiences we live.  We can do the same activities, but without worry, focusing more on what there is to resolve with confidence and internal peace.  You can do the same amount of “chores” whether worries or not…so why do we worry?  Because we want or don’t want something to happen.  But if we had more confidence in life we could then understand that some things are our of our hands, that we can face challenges and daily chores, but everything else is a question of the flow of life and our ability to trust and be in harmony while living life.

We must not lose the moment in exchange for the future.  If we get stressed about something ,it means we are living for the future.  And living for the future creates extraordinary tension in the stomach.  It means we’re digesting thing that still haven’t happened!  The best recommendation is to center yourself on your daily activities in an passionate and loving way.  Your participation in life should become fluid and content.  If there is anything that we should achieve in this life, it isn’t thing nor money, nor the perfect partner, but rather the ability to be good with ourselves and with whatever circumstance that life gives us.  Learning to grow means learning to dominate your deepest fears, knowing that we create life from our attitudes every day.  If you are happy, content, and thankful for what life has given you, this will undoubtedly flourish into larger, more abundant and happy things.  And your stomach will definitely be happier and healthier.

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