Phosphenes and Mental Powers

You can never know too many new alternatives to self-help and health.  Whether you prefer it or not, experiencing new ways of helping ourselves is always the most convenient way of finding the Truth that is truly meaningful to us, and that we feel most comfortable with.  Here we will go into a brief introduction to the phosphene technique.
Phosphenes and mental powers

Phosphenes and thoughts

Phosphenes are those tiny spots of multicolored light that, after having stared at a a source of light and then turning all the lights off, remain for a few moments in your field of vision in the dark.

The Parisian Doctor Lefebure made an interesting discovery about this: he found that by combining thoughts and phosphenes, the light energy transforms into mental energy.  He found and analyzed the invigorating effect that light has on all cerebral functions, and deduced the phosphene techniques allow equilibrium to be reestablished between the two cerebral hemispheres.  This then increases mental skills and capacities.

Benefits of this technique: the Phosphenes

It is said that phosphenes allow for development of memory, intelligence, attention, intuition, and creativity.  This method is especially well adapted for learning disorders, concentration or memory problems, lack of creativity, dyslexia, scholastic retardation, poor attention, stuttering, stress, etc.  This technique boosts confidence in its practitioners, stimulates creativity, and develops concentration and attention abilities.  All of this results in greater intelligence and more developed acceptance skills, along with greater emotional understanding and mental aging prevention.

This technique also generates greater abilities for organization, mental calculations, logic, mental organization, reasoning, etc.  Telepathic and intuitive abilities are increased, and it strengthens the personality along with a positive sense of character.  It helps stimulate conscious awakening and activating the chakras and the subtle body (nadis).

About Doctor Francis Lefebure

Born in Paris on September 17th, 1916, he studied classic studies from the age of 13.  He analyzed detailed methods of personal development, yoga practices, and the spiritual sciences of his time.  At 15 years old he had already passionately study the philosophic works of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy.  He left philosophy, however, when he discovered phosphenes.  In 1963 he dedicated himself to studying the effects of concentrating thoughts in one concrete topic while in the presence of phosphenes.  It was then that he began to develop the Phosphenic Mixing.  In November of 1975, the Brussels World Inventors Fair awarded him the Silver Metal for the Pedagogic Method of Phosphenic Mixing.

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