A quick meditation to release tension and pain

Frequently throughout the day we don’t notice it, but tension accumulates in different parts of the body: the eyes, the scalp, the neck, the legs, etc.  If our routine is the same everyday, tension can remain in the body until at some point – exhausted from carrying the accumulated stress – that part of the begins protesting with irritation, pain, or even illness if the area is extremely weakened by tension.tropical meditation It is extremely helpful to observe the body throughout the day.  Above all, pay attention to the area that is working more than the rest: for example, if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, you eyes could be accumulating tension.  If you sit for extended periods of time your back could be accumulating stress.  If you’ve been on your feet for a while, if you’ve had to focus your attention on the blackboard , your legs or neck could be tense.  Equally so, if you’ve been studying or under pressure, your scalp or stomach could be extremely tense. Here we will share a short meditation with you that you can do throughout the day that only takes a few minutes.  If you do this every once in a while – two to three time a day or more – you will notice that by the end of the day you won’t feel as exhausted, you’ll be in a better mood, and your mind and body alike will be refreshed and relaxed.  Beyond just avoiding being worn out by stress, you immune system will be stronger.

  •  Whether walking on the street or in the office, take a few moments to close your eyes.
  • Once you have closed your eyes, feel your body.  Concentrate your attention on your feet, asking them to relax.  Move up the legs, going over the entire body ask each section to relax until you feel physically the relaxation.
  • If there is already some part of the body that is painful or irritated, such as a headache, eye pain, etc., stop for a few minutes and try to describe the pain.  Think about what the pain would look like, what color is it, is it cold or hot?  Describe it for a while, observing how it feels, “as if something were biting me” “as if something were squeezing me”, etc.  You’ll see that with time, without you even knowing, the irritation will have gone.  If you do this with full attention and description, this quick meditation is foolproof.

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