What your Body says and Harmonic Bodywork

Have you ever paid attention to what your body says?  Have you ever taken a look at how you stand or the way you look at things?

What your Body says and Harmonic BodyworkIf we can lie or fake with words, we can’t with the body.  Bodies have a silent language that sends deep messages to other about how we truly are and feel.  It’s nothing new knowing that each body tells its own personal story about attitudes, thoughts, and emotions.  The body is clear evidence as to the way in which we have lived.  Body language can say more than any individual’s words. 

The problem with relating the body with what we truly feel is that nobody teaches us to be in true contact with the body.  That’s why a lot of times we feel isolated from what we are.

Harmonic bodywork

Harmonic bodywork is a technique that can help us get in contact with our bodies and to learn to discover through them, by interpretation.

This health and well-being alternative comes from several branches and studies regarding the body and our relationship to it.  Bioenergetics, for example, teaches us how the body stores blockages and takes specific postures and forms, depending on our life’s history and an individual’s attitudes.  A hunched individual, for example, could express excessive burden in life, a victim’s attitude, while someone who pushes their bottom out and pushes their stomach out, speaks of a deep feeling of being punished or under-appreciated.

The system of harmonic bodywork is based on the ample experience of the Gestalt therapist Javier Muro, who has spent more than 20 years developing body expression techniques, centering works for attention and the senses, psychodrama, bioenergetics, etc.

“I have proven that just discovering by body and my limitations could support others in their own discovery.  So, being able to be more and more concrete in these sensations that consume me, I was able to understand how they determined my emotions.  And, simultaneously, I discovered more and more common aspects between the technical differences that I practiced.  I am convinced, and I prove day after day, that any sort of therapeutic work with emotions gains depth and ends up being much more beneficial, if accompanied by a process of sensitization in one’s own body”, states Javier Muro, creator of “Lo Corporal” (Of the Body).

Lo Corporal is a system of work that was created with the purpose of contributing to harmonic human development, offering bodily experiences that enrich our character and personality.  It is a technique that searches to awaken movement, art, and bodily consciousness, keeping in mind that the body has a memory.

Body memory was deeply studied by the German therapist and psychologist, Wilhelm Reich, creator of the concept of Bioenergetics.  He proved that our bodies have registers for all those unresolved conflicts, which manifest as blockages and shells.

An individuals’ emotional attitudes are frequently absorbed by different areas of the body.  In Lo Corporal, the work is focused primarily on movement, like intuitive dance in its most popular sense, and energy centers.

The technique works primarily on breathing, body expression, voice, and purely physical aspects that ricochet through the individuals’ emotional sphere.

The body movement technique is directed towards:

Anybody that wants to find a space to express their bodies in and to have deeper body awareness.  This is not a therapy, but rather a form of growth, of learning to express oneself and relate both with oneself and with others.

It is also defined as a form of exercise that could be called psychophysical gymnastics.  It’s like going to the gym, but it includes personal work that also includes the psychic and the emotional.

This harmonic bodywork technique is excellent for youth.  It helps them vent emotions and to express themselves in a more conscious and open way.  It helps them in learning and to feel more secure about themselves, and they become less critical, learning to accept more.

This work achieves very positive character development in all.  It can even affect states of health, as it generates a feeling of release and pleasure that are very beneficial for the body.

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